lock together


w>lock together

vi (rockets)(miteinander) gekoppelt werden; (pieces of jigsaw)sich zusammenstecken lassen
vt sep rockets(miteinander) koppeln; currencies(aneinander) koppeln; pieces of jigsawzusammenstecken; locked together in a passionate embracein einer leidenschaftlichen Umarmung fest umschlungen
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dead-bolt can lock together the two sides of infinity?
BAE Systems also predicts small jets will lock together as one huge Transformersstyle plane for long flights.
A detent ball pin locks pistol and Gill Arm Lock together.
The four individual 4' sections lock together to create a single ladder that you can preset on the ground before mounting it to the tree, saying you multiple trips up and down the tree.
Surely only two commands are required: the first "lock" on which both packs would lock together as in an uncontested scrum and on the second command "engage" then apply pressure.
It responds to the force of a bullet by getting thicker - in the same way molecules in custard lock together when it's stirred.
When moved slowly, the molecules will slip past each other, but in a high-energy impact they will snag and lock together, becoming solid," said Palmer.
The main theatre is set back behind a generous foyer space, its permeability and luminance contrasting with surrounding blind boxes of the two cinemas, which lock together in section like Chinese puzzles, and the secondary theatre.
Its website offers good information, but visit its new headquarters in San Rafael, California, to see prefinished, engineered panels of maple, cherry, walnut, and white oak that lock together to make "floating" floors.
When RNA and its mirror image come in contact, they lock together, forming a unit that blocks the virus from attaching-a gene-silencing technique known as RNA interference.
Undercuts in the metal collars act as claws to firmly lock together the sheet metal and molded plastic.
Why you should care: The "F"-Series uses a body and mandrel that lock together during assembly to form a seal that is both weather-tight and eliminates rattles.