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Noun1.lockmaster - a worker in charge of a lock (on a canal)
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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After others helped fish the two anglers from the lake and the lockmaster allowed Monroe to enter but held Poche back, Poche returned to the take-off ramp and called authorities who arrested Monroe after he weighed his catch that afternoon.
This year, the canal welcomes Denise Loder, the first woman to be a full-time lockmaster in the canal s 58-year history.
Paddock operates from a modern 90,000 sq ft production centre in the region and has two core brands, Lockmaster and Millenco.
Through its lockmaster brand, it has recently set up an e-commerce site - www.
In the debut issue under Waterways Journal Inc, the magazine included a profile of Pickwick Landing on the Tennessee River, a conversation with a lockmaster, Mississippi River tales and features on houseboat travel and the care of diesel engines.
Harry grew up in Sault Ste Marie where his father was a lockmaster.