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Noun1.locomotive engineer - the operator of a railway locomotivelocomotive engineer - the operator of a railway locomotive
manipulator, operator - an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"
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One daughter had married a doctor, the other was a teacher in the state normal school; one son was a locomotive engineer, the second was an architect, and the third was a police court reporter in San Francisco.
After the strike on the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1877, he broached a scheme to have the Locomotive Engineers make terms with the railroads and to "go it alone" so far as the rest of the labor unions were concerned.
It is not true that, as they changed engines at Fort Madison, Cheyne passed over to the Amalgamated Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers an endowment sufficient to enable them to fight him and his fellows on equal terms for evermore.
He is currently employed as a locomotive engineer for Pan Am Railways in Ayer.
Llangollen Railway's chief locomotive engineer, Dave Owensaid the job was the most ambitious repair ever undertaken at the railway workshops.
He then became a locomotive engineer as well as locomotive and car repairman -- and was later promoted to trainmaster and train dispatcher -- for the Genessee & Wyoming Industries, which included the Genessee & Wyoming Railroad, Rochester & Southern Railroad, and the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad.
It can take a mile or more for a train to stop, and, by the time a locomotive engineer sees a vehicle on a crossing, it is too late to stop," said Dale Bray, Union Pacific director - public safety.
It takes a train traveling 55 mph more than a mile to stop, so by the time a locomotive engineer sees you on the track, it's too late to stop.
Bovespa: ALLL4), regrets to inform the loss of one locomotive engineer in an accident occurred on Wednesday, March 2, involving two of its locomotives in a Company's maneuver area located in the city of Maringa, state of Parana.
He thought he was the world's best poet, farmer, locomotive engineer.
Author George Turner Smith has written a book called Thomas Hackworth: Locomotive Engineer and will give a talk about it at the National Railway Museum in Shildon, County Durham, on September 19.
Pat Engebrecht, locomotive engineer and UTU Safety Coordinator; La Junta, Colo.