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 (lŏk′yo͞ol) or loc·u·lus (-yə-ləs)
n. pl. loc·ules or loc·u·li (-lī′)
A small cavity or compartment within an organ or part of an animal or plant, as any of the cavities within a plant ovary.

[Latin loculus, little place, diminutive of locus, place.]


(ˈlɒk yul)

a small compartment or chamber, as the pollen-containing cavity within an anther. Also called loculus.
[1885–90; < French < Latin loculus; see loculus]
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Noun1.loculus - a small cavity or space within an organ or in a plant or animal
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body


n. lóculo, cavidad pequeña.
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Quaerit an vulgus et literati eodem modo per Terentii Tulliique tempora Romae loculi sint (1435), Bruni espone al suo interlocutore Flavio Biondo di ForlAaAaAeA la sua concezione linguistica, che era la pi diffusa nella sua epoca.
Pregenital discpores (pdp) each with 6-10 (mostly 10) loculi, present around vulvar area and across median areas of posterior abdominal segments (segments VI-VIII).
1) Loculi with watery mucin have lower signal intensity than loculi with thicker mucin.
ContrastEnhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) of thorax (Figure 2 and 3) showed a well-defined fluid attenuation lesion containing multiple air loculi and surrounded by collapsed lung parenchyma (5x5.
The inclusion criteria for this study was clinically identified symptoms of ovarian pelvic mass, with ultrasound findings of mass of hyper echoic /hypo echoic /contain solid/moderately echogenic loculi and wall thickness of = 3mm, pre-operative CA -125 level were also included in this study for further systematic analysis / correlation of the histopathologically diagnosis with CT findings.
Cyclic invasion of tapetal cells into loculi during microspore development in Nymphaea colorata (Nymphaceae).
Il suo segreto razziale pareva sepolto, una volta per tutte negli archivi dell'Anagrafe; pero lei, sapendolo registrato in quei loculi misteriosi, tremava sempre che una qualche notizia ne trapelasse all'esterno, segnando lei stessa, ma Nino soprattutto
4) Bezoars may demonstrate low signal intensity on T1, T2 and fat-suppressed T2 images owing to interspersed air loculi, or they may show high signal intensity on T1- and T2-weighted images because of food debris and water within the bezoar.