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Wonder Woman is our calling card at the moment," said Keir Malem, 52, sitting with his partner, Paddy Whitaker, also 52, in the loftlike ground floor of their two-story home and atelier in Dalston, East London.
Interior designer Eva Martinez conceived the plush but light and functional decor, with blue-and-yellow-hued furniture in the tapas restaurant helmed by acclaimed Catalan chef Marc Gascons, a sleek plunge pool on the rooftop terrace, and loftlike rooms that are larger than most in the city.
We'll open up the structure to create a loftlike environment," she said.
All of which describes the three-story, 5,000-square-foot, loftlike home that he and Morris built for $400 a square foot.
When complete, the midmarket hotel will feature 116 loftlike guest rooms, along with a bar, fitness centre, a 24-hour "grab and go" food and beverage area, and meeting rooms.
I was so caught up with the wedding, in lala land," the blushing bride admitted as she walked down the loftlike stairs of her new space.
The loftlike 2,000 s/f unit boasts a private roof terrace with city views, as well as a fireplace, oversized closets, and oak floors.
She drops, prostrate, (5) her body slightly curled, on the wooden floor of the stage, whose "apron" is marked by a chalky kind of line, effectively making the loftlike venue resemble a makeshift squash court.
even as the front of the space was built out to engage attendees with things such as hanging six huge canvases that fans could paint or draw on and scattering couches and rugs that created a loftlike vibe.
Whereas the original rooms are more traditional, these will be more open and loftlike.
In fact, late last month she signed a new tenant in a rehabilitated, loftlike top floor with just over 8,000 square feet at 129 West 29th Street, near Penn Station.