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Verb1.log-in - enter a computer; "Have you logged in lately?"
access - obtain or retrieve from a storage device; as of information on a computer
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Users will only be required to log-in to these services once, creating a single platform to access information, regardless of where it sits.
They were also told to change their log-in details on other websites if they use the same password.
Social networking passwords are making log-in choices across the Internet easier.
For example, Zeus can be coded to only log the log-in details for a certain specific list of Web sites.
According to HealthBanks, Schering-Plough's drug reps "freely discuss an aggressive incentive program which pays them $1 per patient 'log-in' to the site (log-ins are most likely counted when a patient registers for any one of the Schering sites linked from MyHealth); one representative reported a $3,000 payment for one month's log-ins.
When you visit a Web site for the first time after downloading RoboForm, the AutoSave dialog pops up and offers to save log-in information into Passcard.
Using Expert Observer, Mills and his group identified log-in peak times, executed a packet capture on the log-in sequence with the audit running and determined that the odds of more than 20 people logging in at the same time over the one- to three-minute audit run were remote.
Today, you probably have a different log-in and password for every web site you visit.
Today, more than 55 percent of OANDA's clients globally log-in to their accounts daily via fxTrade Mobile.
based clients log-in to their accounts daily via fxTrade Mobile.
It provides quicker log-in times for users and makes sure their environment is personalized with whatever of the 200 or more applications we have right now they need to use," Nauth-Misir said.