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 (lô′gər-hĕd′, lŏg′ər-)
1. A loggerhead turtle.
2. An iron tool consisting of a long handle with a bulbous end, used when heated to melt tar or warm liquids.
3. Nautical A post on a whaleboat used to secure the harpoon rope.
4. Informal A blockhead; a dolt.
at loggerheads
Engaged in a dispute: The question of car privileges put Sam and his parents at loggerheads.

[Probably dialectal logger, wooden block (probably from log) + head.]


1. (Animals) Also called: loggerhead turtle a large-headed turtle, Caretta caretta, occurring in most seas: family Chelonidae
2. (Animals) loggerhead shrike a North American shrike, Lanius ludovicianus, having a grey head and body, black-and-white wings and tail, and black facial stripe
3. (Tools) a tool consisting of a large metal sphere attached to a long handle, used for warming liquids, melting tar, etc
4. (Fishing) a strong round upright post in a whaleboat for belaying the line of a harpoon
5. archaic or dialect a blockhead; dunce
6. at loggerheads engaged in dispute or confrontation
[C16: probably from dialect logger wooden block + head]
ˈloggerˌheaded adj


(ˈlɔ gərˌhɛd, ˈlɒg ər-)

1. a thick-headed or stupid person; blockhead.
4. a ball or bulb of iron with a long handle, used, after being heated, to melt tar, heat liquids, etc.
at loggerheads, in conflict; quarreling.
[1580–90; logger block of wood (first attested alone in 18th century) + head]
log′ger•head`ed, adj.
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Noun1.loggerhead - a stupid personloggerhead - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
dolt, dullard, pillock, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person - a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
2.loggerhead - very large carnivorous sea turtleloggerhead - very large carnivorous sea turtle; wide-ranging in warm open seas
marine turtle, sea turtle - any of various large turtles with limbs modified into flippers; widely distributed in warm seas
Caretta, genus Caretta - loggerhead turtles
References in classic literature ?
But little King-Post was small and short, and at the same time little King-Post was full of a large and tall ambition, so that this loggerhead stand-point of his did by no means satisfy King-Post.
Still more strange to see him giddily perched upon the loggerhead itself, under such circumstances.
A fine thing it would be if the people of the clock town were to be at loggerheads every moment with everyone who called them by that name, -or the Cazoleros, Berengeneros, Ballenatos, Jaboneros, or the bearers of all the other names and titles that are always in the mouth of the boys and common people
Petersburg, and even Anna Thedorovna and my father had come to loggerheads with one another, owing to the fact that he owed her money.
With a grating rush, the three lines flew round the loggerheads with such a force as to gouge deep grooves in them; while so fearful were the harpooneers that this rapid sounding would soon exhaust the lines, that using all their dexterous might, they caught repeated smoking turns with the rope to hold on; till at last --owing to the perpendicular strain from the lead-lined chocks of the boats, whence the three ropes went straight down into the blue --the gunwales of the bows were almost even with the water, while the three sterns tilted high in the air.
I did not, of course, maintain friendly relations with my comrades and soon was at loggerheads with them, and in my youth and inexperience I even gave up bowing to them, as though I had cut off all relations.
Tim Linkinwater is out of the question; for Tim, sir, is such a tremendous fellow, that he could never contain himself, but would go to loggerheads with the father before he had been in the place five minutes.
There are the prospectuses that couldn't be distributed, and the architect's plans and estimates, and the whole correspondence which set everybody at loggerheads and ended in a dispute, all down together in that corner, behind the packing-cases.
Video has emerged of a loggerhead turtle, which belongs to a threatened species, straining helplessly against the clutches of a tiger shark.
31 every year, a parade of majestic giant loggerhead sea turtles swims ashore at night along our Southwest Florida beaches to lay their eggs in thousands of nests--1,263 on Longboat Key, 184 on Lido Key and 636 on Siesta Key this season alone.
A little loggerhead turtle which swam a marathon 2,000 km journey from the Mon Repos Conservation Park near Bundaberg to her home in the Torres Strait in three months, is the focus of todays World Turtle Day.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 20, 2017-Suntex Marinas Acquires Loggerhead Marinas, with Eleven Florida Locations