logical system

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Noun1.logical system - a system of reasoning
system of rules, system - a complex of methods or rules governing behavior; "they have to operate under a system they oppose"; "that language has a complex system for indicating gender"
Aristotelian logic - the syllogistic logic of Aristotle as developed by Boethius in the Middle Ages
formal logic, mathematical logic, symbolic logic - any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity
extrapolate - gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating
induce - reason or establish by induction
deduce, derive, infer, deduct - reason by deduction; establish by deduction
negate, contradict - prove negative; show to be false
elicit - derive by reason; "elicit a solution"
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Accordingly, it was natural for Descartes to read Aristotle as primarily a logician, a reading reinforced by Descartes's ambition to build a logical system.
a) Next sentence of Georgiev is "in every meaningful logical system if A and B are sets (formulas) such that A [subset or equal to] B then B ' A, i.
Devise an orderly, logical system for remembering a schedule of errands or your shopping list (e.
Each project teaches a basic skill and then builds upon it with the next project, which enables learners to embark on a logical system of learning through experience.
The authors have built a logical system along with the study conducted, selected variables to link the exchange rate and adjustment of the industrial structure, and analyzed the whole mechanism.
What is presented here is a logical system of sequential events that need to take place to produce a successful result--but it's a system couched in creative, inspirational choices rather than dry rote learning.
I just ask that a clear logical system of oversight be implemented.
I've got to tell you about the satnav and infotainment system because it is without question the most simple and logical system to use that I've ever come across.
It's a logical system and it's very pilot intuitive.
Among his topics are the short story as logical system, Euclid or the aesthetics of mathematical reasoning, the Pythagorean twins, literature and rationality, and God's sinkhole.
230), whereas the rational system is "a deliberative, effortful, logical system that operates primarily in the medium of symbols" (p.
The metric system is a much more logical system that unifies the various weights and measures.