long haul

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long haul

1. A long distance: It is a long haul from New York to Los Angeles.
2. A long period of time: Over the long haul the candidates performed well.

long′-haul′ adj.

long haul

1. a journey over a long distance, esp one involving the transport of goods
2. a lengthy job
over long distances: the unpleasant side-effects of long-haul flights.

long′ haul′



pertaining to or engaged in the transport of freight over long distances: long-haul trucking.
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Noun1.long haul - a journey over a long distance; "it's a long haul from New York to Los Angeles"
journey, journeying - the act of traveling from one place to another
2.long haul - a period of time sufficient for factors to work themselves out; "in the long run we will win"; "in the long run we will all be dead"; "he performed well over the long haul"
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
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Survey reveals almost three quarters of travellers would be happy to fly long haul with no frills
Through World Pass, customers are offered four combinations of flights: one long haul plus one short haul, one long haul plus two short haul, two long haul plus one short haul and two long haul plus two short haul.
However, more than half of people who have driven home after flying long haul admit to feeling tired.
TCP/IP bandwidth utilization and long haul issues are rarely taken into account in calculating bandwidth requirements.
Bandwidth by Network Type (Gbps) Long Haul Metropolitan Business Networks Networks Internet Access Los Angeles 21.
Siegal was the Vice President of manufacturing at PhotonEx, a 40 Gbps long haul transport start-up company.
MIAMI -- The latest addition to the LAN Airlines fleet - a Boeing 767-300 has arrived, marking the 20th long haul aircraft of its kind for the LAN Airlines fleet that services Latin America to and from the United States, Mexico, Tahiti and the Caribbean among other regions.
Lucent's LambdaXtreme offers strong ultra long haul support, competitive 10G and 40G scalability, and a 10 GbE LAN/WAN PHY, but has an oddly-sized footprint and high power consumption.
PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL), a leading provider of advanced communication solutions and Civcom, a manufacturer of Opto-electronic components, modules and subsystems, today announced the world's first compact 10Gbps widely tunable transponder designed to bring significant cost and performance benefits to both metropolitan area and long haul ROADM networks.
Toyota Tundra was unveiled as the official presenting sponsor of the upcoming Brooks & Dunn 2006 concert tour titled, The Long Haul Tour, a seamless reference to the band's unwavering tour schedule and Tundra's proven longevity and payload.
MILWAUKEE -- Partnership Combines Long Haul Routing and Consolidation with Same-Day Local Routing and Fleet Deployment for Source to Delivery Visibility and Control
The XDM's converged architecture design allows SK Group to add new digital and multimedia services as well as provide a long haul DWDM backbone.