long house

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or long house  (lông′hous′)
A long communal dwelling, especially of certain Native American, Polynesian, and Indonesian peoples.

long house



1. (Architecture) a long communal dwelling of the Iroquois and other North American Indian peoples. It often served as a council house as well
2. (Architecture) a long dwelling found in other parts of the world, such as Borneo

long′ house`

a communal structure, mainly of the Iroquois, orig. consisting of a wooden, bark-covered framework often as much as 100 ft. (30.5 m) in length: formerly used as a dwelling.
بَيت طَويل تَسكُنُه عِدّة عائِلات
velký dům
veľký dom
uzun ev/baraka


(loŋ) adjective
1. measuring a great distance from one end to the other. a long journey; a long road; long legs.
2. having a great period of time from the first moment to the last. The book took a long time to read; a long conversation; a long delay.
3. measuring a certain amount in distance or time. The wire is two centimetres long; The television programme was just over an hour long.
4. away, doing or using something etc for a great period of time. Will you be long?
5. reaching to a great distance in space or time. She has a long memory
1. a great period of time. This happened long before you were born.
2. for a great period of time. Have you been waiting long?
ˈlongways adverb
in the direction of the length. The planks had to go into the lorry longways.
ˌlong-ˈdistance adjective
long-distance races; a long-distance lorry-driver; a long-distance telephone call.
ˌlong-drawn-ˈout adjective
taking a needlessly long time. long-drawn-out discussions.
ˈlonghand noun
ordinary writing as opposed to shorthand.
long house
in tribal societies, a long rectangular dwelling shared by several families, especially in south-east Asia and amongst North American Indians.
long jump
a sports contest in which people jump as far as possible.
long-playing record (usually abbreviated to LP)
a record which plays for a long time.
ˌlong-ˈrange adjective
1. able to reach a great distance. long-range rockets.
2. taking into consideration a long period of time. a long-range weather forecast.
ˌlong-ˈsighted adjective
having difficulty in seeing close objects clearly.
ˌlong-ˈsightedness noun
ˌlong-ˈsuffering adjective
patiently enduring a great deal of trouble.
ˌlong-ˈwinded adjective
(of a speaker or his speech) tiresomely long.
as long as / so long as
1. provided only that. As/So long as you're happy, it doesn't matter what you do.
2. while; during the time that. As long as he's here I'll have more work to do.
before (very) long
soon. Come in and wait – he'll be here before long!
in the long run
in the end. We thought we would save money, but in the long run our spending was about the same as usual.
the long and the short of it
the whole story in a few words.
no longer
not now as in the past. This cinema is no longer used.
so long!
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The upstanding rods of bamboo which made the walls were pale yellow, the sloping rods that made the roof were of darker red or brown, otherwise the long house was a thing of repetition and monotony.
TRAINER Dan Skelton is set to run Long House Hall at the Cheltenham Festival before a possible crack at the Randox Health Grand National at Aintree Racecourse on April 14.
Extent of the work: - about 950 meters of district heating distribution pipe, - approximately 210 meter long house connection cables for district heating in about 15 house connections and 30 providences, Starting from the distribution line to be built.
Runner-up in the Rowland Meyrick Chase at Wetherby on Boxing Day, he looked booked for minor honours again jumping the final fence, but lunged late to get up and beat Warriors Tale by a head, with 13-8 favourite L'Ami Serge and the long-absent Long House Hall close up in third and fourth respectively.
The six-bedroom, Grade-II listed home, which is actually set over three floors, was thought to originally have been built as a long house.
He said that the Mirwaiz was recently released from the ten-day long house detention and just after one day of freedom was once again caged in his own house, which was condemnable act on the part of the authorities.
Gq consulting ltd having ceased to trade, having its registered office at 545 ballymount road, walkinstown, Dublin 12 d12y6nw & principal place of business at ballymount house, parkway business centre, Ballymount cross, Dublin 24 d12y6nw & (b)Kushal consulting ltd having ceased to trade, having its registered office & principal place of business at sunia bank 21, hartlands ave, the lough, cork & (c)The long house ltd never having traded having its registered office & principal place of business at 100 kenilworth park, Dublin 6w d6wv298 & (d)Subotica (young ones) productions ltd having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 3rd floor,, 28 south Frederick st.
Altaf Ahmed Shah was formally arrested on September 1, after a month long house detention.
dan Skelton's Long House Hall was a slightly unfortunate loser at the Cheltenham Festival and with his confidence restored can make a mark back over fences in the Sir Stanley And Lady Clarke Chase Handicap Chase.
The premise of the narrative is about the Long House confederacy as actual or perceived overlords of all Woodland tribes of the Americas from the St.
Hiawatha and the Peacemaker" is a stunning musical and narrative retelling of a treasured Mohawk tale of the origin of the Six Nations, the Iroquois Confederacy, or the Haudenosaunee, people of the Long House.
On July 18, the nonprofit organization Long House Reserve held its summer benefit at its sprawling 16-acre estate in East Hampton, New York.