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Long John Silver, he is called, and has lost a leg; but that I regarded as a recommendation, since he lost it in his country's service, under the immortal Hawke.
Long John Silver unearthed a very competent man for a mate, a man named Arrow.
On parting they even shook hands; that was Long John in the captain's head; but the snob never addressed a syllable to me.
I SUGGESTED that traditional long johns with a flap in the back might be a more useful present at Christmas than a onesie.
These 5ft long johns were once worn by 27stone Londoner Frederick John Kempster, who at 8ft 4.
London, Feb 15 ( ANI ): David Beckham shows off his package wearing long johns for his H and M underwear ad.
DR Who star David Tennant has let slip he wears long johns under his costume - and so does shapely co-star Billie Piper.
DEBBIE HARRY is hunting down a pair of long johns to keep out the cold at Edinburgh's Hogmanay.
London, Feb 4 ( ANI ): Sales of long johns have increased after David Beckham, who has launched his own range of underwear for H and M, revealed that his wife Victoria prefers him wearing the long thermals to boxer shorts.
After that, I wasted no opportunity to raise the subject of underwear; regaling him with tales of how men uses to wear long johns and granddad T(shirts.