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Noun1.long plane - a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit togetherlong plane - a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit together
carpenter's plane, woodworking plane, plane - a carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood; "the cabinetmaker used a plane for the finish work"
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All seven players will try to be in their best forms possible after an excruciating week that saw them endure long plane rides and settle for a split of the World Cup qualifiers second window against Australia in Melbourne and Japan, also at MOA Arena.
Weighing in at more than 300,000 pounds, the 174-foot long plane with a 169.
On a recent, very long plane trip, I watched a fellow passenger scroll through a number of movies on her mobile device.
While her leg, which still has the bullet in it, has prevented her from going on the long plane ride to Los Angeles to record new tracks, she continues to spend her days songwriting.
Guilty pleasure: "On long plane rides my system will start to crash because it needs food every two or three hours, but busting out a protein bar isn't a lot of fun.
Moving the 159ft long plane, which weighs 50 tonnes and has a 180ft wing span, was a mammoth task as it started its trip from Knockbeg Point in the Shannon Estuary.
The said columnist went on to "sagely" advise that it would simply be good manners if parents kept their children away from adult venues and long plane journeys until they are old enough to behave.
LUCKY PUPS Taylor Dobson, Kendra Yates and Karen Hibel with furry friends and, below, Kendra with a dog after treatment A GROUP of Scots vet nursing students arrived in India after a long plane journey, eager to brave the sweltering, tropical environment and pass on their skills to their hosts.
Taking a long plane trip or heading out on an epic road trip?
So, it's a good idea to move around, when feasible, during a long plane trip, or do calf exercises periodically while seated to improve venous blood flow in the legs.
About 12 years ago, I bought a cross-stitch pattern as something to do while on a long plane journey.