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(lông′ə-gō′, lŏng′-)
Of, related to, or occurring in the past: a long-ago espionage trial.


of or pertaining to the distant past.
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Adj.1.long-ago - belonging to time long gone; "those long-ago dresses that swished along the floor"
old - of long duration; not new; "old tradition"; "old house"; "old wine"; "old country"; "old friendships"; "old money"
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Further, I had no knowledge of evolution until I was at college, whereas in my childhood and youth I had already lived in my dreams all the details of that other, long-ago life.
Their home is not adorned with seasonal holiday bounty, but ritual gourd rattles John incises with Indian designs may harken back to long-ago harvests.
Scientists assigned the name Berengia to the long-ago isthmus.
Carefully edited and intended to serve as an interim publication pointing the way to long-term production of final site reports, The Ancient Maya of the Belize Valley explores the land, the evidence, and the theories that can be drawn in meticulous detail, and points the way to future discoveries and reinterpretations of commonly held beliefs concerning long-ago civilizations.
Ben Allen reminded us of a long-ago phone conversation.
Now, decades after that long-ago mission went horribly wrong, an unknown enemy is hunting the former secret agents down.
With their marching bands and Union Jacks bearing the date (1704) of a long-ago battle that subjugated the natives and allowed Britain to fill the place with settlers for strategic reasons, what is the difference between Gibraltar's celebrations and the Orange Lodge marching down the Garvaghy Road in Portadown?
The new radar-analysis technique, however, can identify the locations of long-ago tests, possibly revealing a nation's unconfirmed nuclear capability.
At this time in our lives, especially, we feel it is important to recognize these long-ago tributes.
Farmer-Paellmann is vowing to build the factual basis for lawsuits demanding such restitution from many businesses whose long-ago predecessors in some way benefited from the slave economy.
THIS IS A MIGHTY BIG (600 PAGE) FIRST-RATE biography, written with fervor but told in the calm of long-ago history (Wallace died nearly 35 years ago) about one of the most intriguing almost-but-not-quite characters in America's twentieth century.