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Adj.1.long-faced - having a face longer than the usual
faced - having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination; "a neatly faced terrace"
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It made Edna laugh, and she laughed, too, at the portrait in his first long trousers; while another interested her, taken when he left for college, looking thin, long-faced, with eyes full of fire, ambition and great intentions.
While one of these loiterers showed the red skin and wild accouterments of a native of the woods, the other exhibited, through the mask of his rude and nearly savage equipments, the brighter, though sun-burned and long-faced complexion of one who might claim descent from a European parentage.
Wiener-Dog presents a series of vignettes held together by the titular canine, a long-faced dachshund that bears witness to the emptiness of the lives she's a part of, however briefly.
Dappy The N-Dubz star won't be able to horse around for a little while after getting kicked in the face by his long-faced friend.
LONG-FACED time lord Matt Smith is reportedly quitting Dr Who, even though he only took the role three years from now.
They should make a prettier doll because she is a prettier woman than that long-faced cartoonish thing," said Queens resident Carl Williams, 53.
This "genre" of painting might include, among other work, the mannered distortions of John Currin and Lisa Yuskavage; the oblique, photo-based compositions of Magnus von Plessen; Brian Calvin's flatly painted, long-faced slackers; or even the lushly painted and downright strange mythic pastorals of Vladimir Dubossarsky and Aleksandr Vinogradov.
A great end to a fantastic series, but judging by this atmospheric and powerful crime drama, the best is yet to come for our long-faced Irishman.