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Adj.1.long-staple - having relatively long fibers; "long-staple cotton"
long - primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified; "a long road"; "a long distance"; "contained many long words"; "ten miles long"
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Just as supple as Egyptian cotton, Supima is the highest quality American long-staple cotton, grown in Arizona and California, where the sheets are sewn.
It was explained the significance of technical education and training and their crucial contribution to the cultivation of the long-staple Egyptian cotton to serve the development of textile industry.
The GAFI report added that the Minya region contains the purest types of limestone, marble and agricultural soils in the world, with the humidity a major factor in long-staple cotton ginning.
Two years after its founding, the company launched the MicroCotton towel, a luxury towel made of 100 percent long-staple, very fine cotton which absorbs 250 percent faster than ordinary cotton towels.
It is made from Extra Long-Staple Egyptian Supima cotton fibres.
AGIS Ceramic Fiber Rope is manufactured by twisting or braiding long-staple, high-strength alumina and silica fibers together with an organic carrier.
Dr Abdul Rahman also blamed the Egyptian research centres for not introducing new studies to help enhance the land productivity of Egypt's famed long-staple cotton.
Debuting at the September market were three towel ranges: Morningside, a basic made from premium low-twist yarns for softness; Abington Hill, consisting of 100 percent supima cotton made more absorbent and soft through air-rich technology; and Highland Park, the top-of-the-line grouping made from extra long-staple, three-ply, zero-twist yarn.
Zegarra and Amelia Peloquin, another knitter and also a Friend of the Library, have been to Iceland, and they talked about how the Icelanders use only Lopi, the brand name of a long-staple wool.
The company's high-performance light hiking socks have excellent moisture-wicking capability and long-staple fibers for softness and durability.
Whereas all other manufacturers of undergarments use 'single' yarns, Zimmerli uses the most luxurious yarn spun twice exclusively from the finest long-staple American PIMA or Egyptian cotton.
Tightly woven long-staple cellulose fibers--also used in brown paper bags--form a pattern reminiscent of caning or basketry, or Japanese tatamis that have been somewhat thickened.