(lông′wā′stĭd, lŏng′-)
Having a distance between shoulders and waist that is longer than average.


of more than average length between the shoulders and waistline.
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How can we elevate our history of retribution for the sin of long ago, when, as one of our most prominent figures, we are compelled to introduce--not a young and lovely woman, nor even the stately remains of beauty, storm-shattered by affliction--but a gaunt, sallow, rusty-jointed maiden, in a long-waisted silk gown, and with the strange horror of a turban on her head
Some have great broad stone staircases leading down to the water, with heavy stone balustrades ornamented with statuary and fancifully adorned with creeping vines and bright-colored flowers--for all the world like a drop curtain in a theatre, and lacking nothing but long-waisted, high-heeled women and plumed gallants in silken tights coming down to go serenading in the splendid gondola in waiting.
Driving through the streets in her big landau she exhibited to the indifference of the natives and the stares of the tourists a long-waisted, youthful figure of hieratic stiffness, with a pair of big gleaming eyes, rolling restlessly behind a short veil of black lace, which, coming down no further than her vividly red lips, resembled a mask.
Short V long waist Consider whether you are short, normal or long-waisted, eg how much torso do you have below the bust line available to wear a belt on?
From the reproductions, you can hypothesize trends (were men in high-waisted trousers in vogue in 1928 and women in long-waisted coats the thing by 1934?
It's actually an amazing fit for someone who's short, or someone who's long-waisted, because it makes your legs look like they go on forever," says Gina Kelly, fashion editor for Seventeen magazine.
When people see my blond-haired, blue-eyed, long-waisted beautiful daughter holding my hand and calling me `Momma,' they often look twice.
If you're long-waisted, wear short layers over long ones - it shortens your waist and will help balance your look.
This is made obvious with her props and costumes--vintage 1940s shoes, some with ten-inch spiked heels, black Lycra shorts, long-waisted organdy dresses sashed with a neat taffeta bow.
Long-waisted coats, Russian shirts, service caps and colorful shawls - all have disappeared and have gone to the suburbs.
Long-waisted people should stay clear of any dropped-waisted dresses or long tops over skirts.