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 (lông′bôr′dĭng, lŏng′-)
The act or sport of riding a longboard.

long′board′er n.
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To most athletes of various board sports such as skateboarding or longboarding, 'stoked' refers to the feeling of exhilaration and excitement, or a certain kind of high.
There wasn't a real following for longboarding until about five years ago.
He couldnt answer me and that's when I thought I could really do with an app that could tell me where the best longboarding spots are.
adhered to the group's rules as his public pictures on Facebook while longboarding showed the same.
People are generally more familiar with skateboarding--the kind in the Tony Hawk video game series--than longboarding, Conner says.
Developing progressive shapes and technologies DB continues to help advance longboarding through production innovation and community support.
Kallio, who is headed to Penn State University to study forensic science, enjoys longboarding, snowboarding and surfing.
The women say longboarding is not something they could ever have done without support from each other - and a fair bit of safety gear - but they would not rather be doing anything else come the weekends.
Calvin Young had been longboarding on the streets of Sault Ste.
Through this program Sapporo taps into the surfing-inspired sub-culture of skateboarding, as the popularity of longboarding grows.
Longboarding became popular alongside the emerging surfing culture through the mid 1950s.
Created by longboarding brothers Trace and Chad Marshall with Freshjive founder Rick Klotz, WOR's electric patterned shorts graze the top of knee and their teal crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect protection against early evening Pacific breezes.