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belligerently demanded one Kelly, an Irish-American and a longshoreman, making his first trip to sea, and boat-puller for Kerfoot.
Marija had learned to scatter her conversation with as many oaths as a longshoreman or a mule driver.
ANSWERS: 1 Loch Lomond; 2 Anthropology; 3 Libya; 4 Joel Garner; 5 Thirty-three; 6 Chris Evans; 7 Air pressure; 8 The presence of a slippery surface; 9 Kent; 10 Longshoreman.
Court believed longshoreman should be treated like other seagoing
Thus, San Pedro longshoreman Al Langley recalled that "after the ['34] strike there wasn't a job in the world to equal longshoring, although it was hard, hard work.
In a 1976 contest, San Pedro longshoreman Sam Puccio Jr, who skipped his daughter's baptism to compete, laid on his back on a homemade skateboard made out of a 2-by-6 plank and clocked 54 miles per hour.
The dates are wide-ranging too, from the Ottomans in the Indian Ocean in the 16th century, to the politics of West Indian longshoreman working at the Panama Canal in the early 20th.
If you are a longshoreman and you work at one of the nation's West Coast ports, especially Los Angeles or Long Beach, NAPTA has an ugly surprise in store for you: your job will soon be gone.
In an interview with Radio 19 in Bristol, Mr Prescott said that he identified with one of the star's most famous early roles as the former boxer turned longshoreman, Terry Malloy, in the film On the Waterfront.
Reinhardt, the son of a longshoreman, launched Fillmore Real Estate in 1966, opening the first office on the corner of Fillmore and Flatbush Avenues.
Down by the docks, white longshoreman used the riots as an excuse to destroy all evidence of both black and interracial activity in that area.
The council also confirmed the nominations of longshoreman Joe Radesich and environmentalist Jerilyn Lopez-Mendoza to the Harbor Commission.