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Verb1.look around - look about oneself; "look around to see whether you can find the missing document"
look - perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards; "She looked over the expanse of land"; "Look at your child!"; "Look--a deer in the backyard!"
rozhlédnout se
se sig omkring
katsella ympärilleen
주변을 둘러보다
se (sig) omkring
xem xét

w>look around

(generally) → sich umsehen
(in shop etc) → sich umsehen; (+prep obj) → sich (dat)ansehen or angucken (inf); I wanted to look around the exhibitionich wollte mir die Ausstellung ansehen

look around

يَتَفَقِّدُ rozhlédnout se se sig omkring umsehen (sich) κοιτάζω τριγύρω echar un vistazo katsella ympärilleen jeter un œil razgledavati guardarsi intorno あたりを見回す 주변을 둘러보다 rondkijken se (seg) om rozejrzeć się dar uma olhada, dar uma olhadela осматривать se (sig) omkring มองไปรอบๆ düşünüp taşınmak xem xét 环顾
References in classic literature ?
Yet it is only in the East that poetry is truly appreciated, by those to whom leisure to look around them is vital as the air they breathe.
The shaggy man made the little dog let go, and sat up to look around him.
This man came in a few times to have a look around.
With rich vocabulary and delightful illustrations, the Look Around Books are a perfect way to introduce the beauty and power of nature to young children.
We could look around town, Without counting down, How long we had left in the car park, The ladies could look around shops, For skirts and for tops, They could shop from dawn 'til it's dark.
Want to look around the gardens at 10 Downing Street?
FIRM FR RM FR RM FR FRIE IE IE IENDS NDS NDS McCarthy looks McCarthy looks on as O'Neill on as O'Neill and Strachan and Strachan shake hands shake hands HOME TERR RR RR RRITORY RY RY RY R Mulgrew Mulgrew Mulgrew and Brown have a look around and Brown have a look around KEA EA EA EANE TO ST ST ST STA STA START RT RT Irish No.
I showed her the way then went to look around, Returned some time later where I found That same old lady looking lost again, Asking for directions, the exit to gain.
The replica ship is an important part of Australian history, so the goalkeeper was keen to take a look around.
MANY of us who live in surrounding areas only drive to Rhyl to shop in either of their two larger supermarkets; if we also want something from their retail park, we may choose Sainsburys; otherwise we park at Morrisons; where, if the weather was good we could always walk over the Vale Road Bridge into town, stopping to look around in M&S while cutting through on to the White Rose Centre, to look around there.

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