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Discrimination or prejudice against people based on their appearance.

look′ist adj. & n.


(Sociology) discrimination against a person on the grounds of physical appearance
ˈlookist adj
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This defines who you are in the New Korea, where declining birth rates, an unfortunate upsurge in the number of universities in the 1990s and economic recession have made for high rates of youth unemployment or underemployment, extreme sexism and lookism that has bolstered personal and fiscal investment in plastic surgery and other beauty industries, and a popular culture that peddles in a positively pedophilic and pornographic set of media representations to define and sell the national identity.
Williams and Lorien Bourne reveals the complex workings of the level, upward, and downward gazes, and reveals how gender, sexuality, race, physical ability, class, and lookism influenced the shaping of those optics.
In my research I have catalogued a total of twenty-nine: sex/gender, race, skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, culture, tradition and development, language, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, sexual practices, age, able-bodiedness, lookism, caste, socio-economic class, property ownership, skills, geographic location, urbanicity, sedantariness, virtuality (cyberspace) and transnationality; migrant, indigenous, refugee or displaced person status, health status, HIV/AIDS, living in a war zone or under foreign occupation and ecology (one's relationship with nature) also feature in the matrix.
She found "lookaphobia, lookism, and lookists" to be commonplace, and it has been a fight for her to be taken seriously.
But as the Nelson case shows, women are not just subjected to the straightforward -- equally onerous -- lookism that men, too, might face on the job.
Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross said, during an Edinburgh TV festival session on ageism in the media: "Like it or not TV is a lookism medium.
The issue of lookism is gaining traction in the US with multi-million dollar payouts, and experts say it is a matter of time before Australian companies will face similar legal challenges.
The former Crimewatch anchor, 63, said: "Like it or not, TV is a lookism medium.
Political correctness has brought about a new vocabulary of words into our culture with terms like homophobic, multicultural, Eurocentric, disadvantaged, physically challenged, carbon footprint, sex worker, lookism, fattist, phallocentric, waitron, wimmin, differently abled, and DWEM (dead white European males).
General selection criteria: These have to do with literary quality and strong social values, and include analysing the books for racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, ageism, ableism, size oppression and lookism.
But he does wonder whether reflexively flinging down the "race card" (broadened to include sexism, lookism, fatism, and every other -ism) has helped minorities or hurt them.