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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) A connoisseur of good food and drink.
Synonyms: epicure, epicurean, foodie, gourmet, bon vivant
Usage: He was quite the gastronome, and restaurant chefs around the town knew it was important to impress him.
Article of the Day

The Qianlong Emperor

Hongli took the title of Qianlong—meaning "the Era of Strong Prosperity"—when his imperial reign of China began in 1735. Ironically, by the end of Qianlong's reign in 1796, expensive military expeditions and corruption had nearly exhausted the funds of the Imperial Treasury. A patron of the arts, the Qianlong Emperor commissioned a catalogue of all important Chinese cultural works that took 20 years to complete and consisted of 36,000 volumes. How many copyists were involved in the project? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Interrogative Adjectives

English has three interrogative adjectives: "what," "which," and "whose." They are called "interrogative" because they are usually used to ask questions. How can they be differentiated from interrogative pronouns? More...
Idiom of the Day

get (one's) ears lowered

To get a haircut, especially to a length that reveals one's ears. More...

This Day in History

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Opens in New York (1959)

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and opened six months after his death, the Guggenheim Museum represents a radical departure from traditional museum design, spiraling upward and outward in a smooth coil of massive, unadorned white concrete. The exhibition space, which consists of a six-story spiral ramp lighted by a glass dome supported by stainless steel, has even been criticized for upstaging the artwork displayed. For how many years did Wright work on the building? More...
Today's Birthday

Sir Georg Solti (1912)

Solti was a Hungarian-born British conductor. Not long after making his piano debut at age 12, he decided he wanted to conduct. He returned to piano during WWII and won the 1942 Geneva International Competition. After the war, he began conducting again and led orchestras all over Europe and the US. As director of the Royal Opera House, he made the first full recording of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle, one of history's most celebrated recordings. How did he earn the nickname "the screaming skull"? More...
Today's Holiday

Festival of the Black Christ (2016)

One legend associated with the observance of this festival in Portobelo, Panama, says that, during a cholera epidemic on the Isthmus, the people discovered a statue of a black Christ and brought it into the church. Within a few days, cholera had completely disappeared from Portobelo, even though it continued to rage elsewhere. The people of Portobelo honor El Jesús Nazarene by carrying the statue in procession on a decorated platform through the city. Pilgrims come from all over Panama, as they have for more than 300 years, to celebrate with folk dancing, music, and songs. More...
Quote of the Day
In the bosoms of this people, thus heterogeneously composed, there was burning, kindled at different furnaces, but all furnaces of affliction, one clear, steady flame of liberty.
John Quincy Adams
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: teacher

fescue - A pointer, such as that used by a teacher, having originally meant "a straw or twig." More...

docent, docible, docile - Docent comes from Latin docere, "to teach"; docible is "capable of learning" and docile first meant "teachable." More...

Socratic method - A teaching technique in which a teacher does not give information directly but instead asks a series of questions, with the result that the student comes either to the desired knowledge by answering the questions or to a deeper awareness of the limits of knowledge. More...

tuition - First meant taking care of something, then teaching or instruction, especially for a fee. More...

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