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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Short and thick; stocky.
Synonyms: low-set, squat, squatty, stumpy, dumpy
Usage: But there was a trio involved in this remarkable friendship, and the third was short, and fat, and chunky, and lazy, and, loath to say, it was I.
Article of the Day

Virtual Retinal Display

Newly developed virtual retinal display (VRD) technology allows devices to project a graphical display directly onto a user's retina, creating the impression that the display is hovering in space in front of him. In the past, similar systems, which often came in the form of large sunglasses, simply projected images onto a small "screen" in front of the user's eye. Only recently have a number of developments made a true VRD system practical. What applications could VRDs have? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Function of Reciprocal Pronouns

Reciprocal pronouns are used to refer to two or more people who are or were the subject of the same verb, with both or all parties mutually receiving or benefiting from that action in the same way. How do reciprocal pronouns always function in a sentence? More...
Idiom of the Day

a line in the sand

A figurative boundary that someone or some group refuses to cross or beyond which no further advance or compromise is accepted. (Used especially in the phrase "draw a line in the sand.") More...

This Day in History

The Saturday Night Massacre (1973)

While investigating the Watergate scandal, special prosecutor Archibald Cox subpoenaed audiotapes of conversations implicating US President Richard Nixon in a cover-up of a burglary of the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. Nixon refused to produce the tapes and ordered the US attorney general and his deputy to fire Cox. On the same Saturday, both men resigned in protest, and public outcry eventually forced Nixon to surrender the tapes. What happened to Cox? More...
Today's Birthday

Pauline Bonaparte (1780)

A woman of great beauty and considerable scandal, Pauline Bonaparte was Napoleon's favorite sister. She accompanied her first husband on an expedition to subdue Haiti, but he failed and died of yellow fever. Pauline then married a Roman nobleman, but she soon tired of him and returned to Paris, where her scandalous conduct earned her a reputation. Pauline was the only one of Napoleon's siblings to come to his aid when he was exiled to Elba, despite having incurred his disfavor for what? More...
Today's Holiday

Texas Rose Festival (2017)

This annual tribute to roses is held in Tyler, Texas, the center of the region that produces more than a third of the field-grown roses in the United States. Tyler's Municipal Rose Garden, one of the largest rose gardens in the country, covers 14 acres and has some 30,000 rose bushes. They blossom among pines, fountains, gazebos, and archways. The festival features the coronation of a Rose Queen, a rose show, a parade of floats decorated with roses, and tours of the rose gardens. There are also arts and crafts shows, a square-dance festival, and a symphony concert. More...
Quote of the Day
On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points.
Virginia Woolf
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: slime

asphalt - Its synonyms are mineral pitch, Jews' pitch, and slime. More...

ooze - As in mud or slime, it traces back to an Old Norse word meaning "puddle, stagnant pool," and originally meant juice or sap from a plant or fruit. More...

slime - Related to Latin limus, "mud, slime." More...

mucous, mucus - Mucous is the adjective from Latin meaning "slimy," and mucus is the noun from Latin but cognate with Greek mussesthai, "blow the nose." More...

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