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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Dirty and wretched, as from poverty or lack of care.
Synonyms: flyblown, sordid
Usage: They lived like beasts in great squalid labor-ghettos, festering in misery and degradation.
Article of the Day

The Elixir of Life

The elixir of life is a mythical potion said to confer immortality. The ancient Chinese thought that precious substances like gold and mercury brought longevity, and these ingredients were often used in their elixirs. Ironically, some metals are highly toxic and thus poisoned the longevity seekers who ingested them. Buddhism gave the Chinese alternate routes to immortality, but the elixir of life received renewed attention in the 18th century with what claims about the Comte de St. Germain? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson


Conjunctions are used to express relationships between things in a sentence, link different clauses together, and to combine sentences. There are four main types of conjunctions—what are they? More...
Idiom of the Day

have a good day

cliché An expression of farewell. More...

This Day in History

The Parthenon Is Partially Destroyed by an Explosion (1687)

Built in the 5th century BCE on the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon was the chief temple of Athena in ancient Greece and the finest example of Doric architecture. In 1687, during the Venetian attack on Athens, the Turks used it for storing gunpowder. The stores were ignited during the bombardment, causing an explosion that partly destroyed the building. Still, its basic structure remains intact and reconstruction efforts are underway. What does the word "Parthenon" mean in Greek? More...
Today's Birthday

Lewis Hine (1874)

Hine was an American photographer whose career began shortly after he bought his first camera in 1903. Devoted to capturing images of the dark side of the industrial revolution in the US, he documented the poverty of immigrants and the plight of child laborers. The power of his images placed him at the forefront of 20th-century documentary photographers and helped bring about the passage of child labor laws. Some of his most famous images document the construction of what iconic skyscraper? More...
Today's Holiday

Yemen September Revolution Day (2016)

Yemen observes two Revolution Days: one commemorates the revolutionary movement that overthrew the monarchy of Imam Muhammad al-Badr on September 26, 1962, and helped pave the way for the creation of the Yemen Arab Republic. Before that could occur, however, British occupation of the area remained another force impeding independence. Revolts against the British then ensued in 1962-63, and, by 1967, the British granted Yemen its sovereignty. These revolts are commemorated on October 14. More...
Quote of the Day
It is impossible for good or evil to last for ever; and hence it follows that the evil having lasted long, the good must be now nigh at hand.
Miguel de Cervantes
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: torch

funeral - Once was a torchlight procession, from Latin funis, "torch"—because funerals of the Romans took place at night by torchlight. More...

kindle - The verb is related to Old Norse kyndill, "candle, torch." More...

Drummond light - A torch that burns calcium oxide (lime) and gives off intense white light, it was named for Scottish engineer Capt. Thomas Drummond, R.E. (1797-1840), who invented it around 1825. More...

torch - From Latin torquere, it first referred to tarred twists of frayed rope. More...

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