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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Of the highest quality.
Synonyms: A-one, ace, crack, first-rate, super, tiptop, tops
Usage: Everyone wants a top-notch specialist when it comes to laser eye surgery.
Article of the Day

Elizabeth Needham

Also known as Mother Needham, Elizabeth Needham was a notorious, 18th-century brothel-keeper known for keeping the most exclusive house in London and having customers from the highest strata of fashionable society. Although her well-connected clientele may have allowed her to elude the law for many years, she was eventually arrested in 1731 and sentenced to stand twice in the pillory. What happened the day before she was due to stand in the pillory for the second time? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

The Coordinating Conjunction "For"

The coordinating conjunction "for" is used to give a reason for something. What types of clauses does it normally join? More...
Idiom of the Day

make the world go round

To be of critical or integral importance to the ordinary operation of life or the world at large. (Sometimes used hyperbolically.) More...

This Day in History

Archbishop Óscar Romero Assassinated in San Salvador (1980)

As the archbishop of San Salvador during El Salvador's civil war, Romero won international acclaim by speaking out against social injustices, such as human rights abuses and assassinations perpetrated by the Salvadoran government. Just one day after Romero publicly exhorted Salvadoran soldiers to obey God instead of their corrupt government, he was shot to death while celebrating Mass. What unprecedented confession did the president of El Salvador make on the 30th anniversary of Romero's death? More...
Today's Birthday

Olive Schreiner (1855)

Schreiner was a South African author and feminist. Though she had no formal education, she read widely and developed a keen intellect and militantly feminist and liberal views. In 1883, she published her famed semiautobiographical novel, The Story of an African Farm, about a girl who lives on an isolated farm and struggles to attain independence in the face of rigid Boer social conventions. Under what pseudonym did Schreiner publish this text, arguably the first great South African novel? More...
Today's Holiday

Ganguar (2018)

Gangaur is one of the highlights of the festival year in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is observed in celebration of Gauri, another name for Parvati, Shiva's wife. This is largely a girls' and women's festival, but boys and men get to enjoy the elaborate processions that take place in cities around the state, such as Jaipur. The festival continues for 18 days, during which women fast, dress in their best clothes, adorn themselves with intricate henna designs, and pray. The festival culminates with feasting and processions of the goddess' image that celebrate the union of Gauri and Shiva. More...
Quote of the Day
Victory is ever fickle.
(900 BC-800 BC)
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: intensity

heat - As a preliminary race for a sporting contest, it is so called because of its intensity. More...

crescendo - Often mistakenly used to mean "reaching a pinnacle" when, in fact, it should be used only to describe a gradual increase in intensity or volume. More...

resonate, resound - Resonate means "to expand, to intensity, or amplify the sound of," whereas resound means "to throw back, repeat the sound of." More...

fervency, fervor - The intensity of heat or feeling can be described as fervency, from Latin fervere, "boil"; an instance of this heat or feeling is fervor. More...

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