loose woman

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Noun1.loose woman - a woman adultererloose woman - a woman adulterer      
adulterer, fornicator - someone who commits adultery or fornication
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Andrea said no areas of her marriage will be off limits for the show and told Nick: "Once you marry a Loose Woman you have to become a Loose Man.
Loos Katie Price is a Loose Woman so it's funny to hear their sides of the story.
I've got a wicked new job as a Loose Woman, so love rats watch out
Ruth, 54, who has also been filling in for Loose Woman Kaye Adams, has impressed Frizell with her ideas, enthusiasm and popularity with the viewers.
Summary: Kate Thornton can now officially be called a Loose Woman.
Sherrie had never been in a sex shop before but she learns fast and furiously as the others test out spanking paddles and buy pink furry handcuffs for fellow Loose Woman Jane MacDonald.
Of course I couldn't get close because my Loose Woman pal Coleen Nolan (who actually kissed him) was dribbling and - making big doe eyes at him.
FORMER Corrie actress Denise Welch turned into a very Loose Woman during a date from hell.
Telling how Loose Women had buoyed her up in dark times, the longest serving Loose Woman went on: "These girls have got me through everything.