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n.1.One who, or that which, loosens.
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Sancho kept spitting from time to time, and his spittle seemed somewhat ropy and dry, observing which the compassionate squire of the Grove said, "It seems to me that with all this talk of ours our tongues are sticking to the roofs of our mouths; but I have a pretty good loosener hanging from the saddle-bow of my horse," and getting up he came back the next minute with a large bota of wine and a pasty half a yard across; and this is no exaggeration, for it was made of a house rabbit so big that Sancho, as he handled it, took it to be made of a goat, not to say a kid, and looking at it he said, "And do you carry this with you, senor?
And where each player was handed a half of football in Tanzania, those 45 minute looseners will turn into an hour, or more, for some in the coming days.
There was no time for any looseners or any mishaps.
Anderson moved two gentle looseners into Kraigg Brathwaite before ramping up the pace and looping a vicious inswinger towards the base of the stumps.
Yet Psy, 34, needed a few looseners before coming face to face with the Biebs.
Bronze Prince John Gosden Got his act together after a couple of looseners when getting up to land the first leg of the Betfair Summer Double at Ascot last time.
Gasodynamic looseners have the simplest design and combine mechanical and gasodynamic methods used when working on frozen grounds ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2003; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2004; Dyakov et al.
They were balls to be hit to the boundary, they were looseners from Johnson and that kind of gave me the momentum to go on and actually be more aggressive.
With victories in four of their last five fixtures, a couple of gentle looseners coming their way and a youngster Mitchell rates as a combination of former playing colleagues Peter Short and Peter Buxton on board for the rest of the campaign, things were looking up for Stour bridge.
After warming up with three gentle looseners, Flintoff stepped up his intens ity and finished off his full marked run-up, tinkering with the placing of his front foot while landing, which is per haps once way of ensuring a recurring injury does not return.
After warming up with three gentle looseners yesterday, Flintoff stepped up his intensity and finished off his full marked run-up, tinkering with the plac ing of his front foot while land ing, which is perhaps one way of ensuring a recurring injury does not return.