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Here, he is Vietnam veteran Vincent - yet another louche wise-ass
Redgrave's depiction of a man slowly being robbed of the ability to write by his illness is captivating and intense, despite his louche delivery and demeanour.
1950s, play a Roman centurion with a wooden sword, a pharaoh in a coffin, and a louche seaman odalisque in penny loafers--a transhistorical pickup scene in which not even the afterlife can stop the cruising.
But as well as the sheer fun of starting off louche and ending up in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, one of the most useful - and overlooked - functions it can perform is as an aid to pronunciation, which is not an easy thing to fathom in a standard dictionary.
From the gravel-voiced bluesman with The Faces to the louche sophisticate who frequented Studio 54 with the early Seventies rock glitterati, Rod Stewart has proved himself a redoubtable performer.
Unlike the louche commercial sprawl to the west of the city, the aim is to recreate the west of the city, the aim is to recreate the tight, high density, nougaty texture of traditional Parisian streets.
Green blazer, PS46, Louche @ Joy; white shirt, PS55, Mint Velvet; metallic jeans, PS59, La Redoute; snakeskin flats, PS55, Dune; gold flash necklace, PS44, Gemporia
Turner might play the role of louche, slurring frontman - on this occasion pairing his heavily gelled teddy boy quiff with a sequined blazer - but his affected persona masks an impressive level of professionalism that ensures there is simply never a bum note.
THE louche Russell Brand blew his top when questioned by the BBC's Graham Norton on his short-lived marriage.
com) 4 Give the androgyny trend a feminine touch with a pretty print and scallop-edge contrast collar - pounds 35, Louche at Joy (joythestore.
BUY IT NOW Joy has launched exclusive label Louche.