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(ˈlaʊrɪ) or


(Animals) South African any of several species of touraco: louries are divided into two groups, the arboreal species having a mainly green plumage and crimson wings and the species which inhabits the more open savanna areas having a plain grey plumage
[from Malay luri]


(Marketing) South African any of several awards for excellence in advertising and marketing, given by the Marketing Federation of South Africa
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Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP ("Cheyne Capital") is delighted to announce that, last week, HFM Week awarded its prestigious 'Outstanding Contribution' award to Cheyne Capital's co-founders, Jonathan Lourie and Stuart Fiertz.
Jacob Lourie, regional manager at Deliveroo, said: "Birmingham has such a vibrant culinary scene and is full of fantastic eateries and restaurants which, until now, you'd have to visit to experience.
Lourie resigned after being appointed police chief in Uxbridge.
The new ministry has disclosed the merged agency s planned board of directors, which is likely to comprise James Hinds, Timothy O Neill, Cynthia Chaplin, Murray Elston, Susanna Han, Ronald Jamieson, Margaret Kelch, Bruce Lourie, William Museler, Deborah Whale and Bruce Campbell.
Judges such as Randall Rader and Alan Lourie were appointed to guide the court's development of patent law.
Raith – Cunningham, McDonald, Mochan, Stein, Forsyth, Clinton, Watson, Fox, White, Benvie, Lourie.
Judges like Randall Rader and Alan Lourie were appointed to guide the court's development of patent law.
The event concluded with youngsters William Whyborne, 11, Mia Whyborne, nine, and five-year-old Evan Lourie cutting a specially made cake.
Federal Circuit Judge Alan Lourie held that Mayo did not apply to the main issue in this case: the patent-eligibility of DNA.
They are teleost fish that belong to the family Syngnathidae, placed in a single genus Hippocampus Rafinesque (Nelson 1994; Lourie et al.
Marks joins authors the caliber of real life adventurer, Peter Lourie, an author/presenter with an Indiana Jones persona; Barbara Mahler, author of The Hole in the Sky, who during Book Week 2011, which began January 23rd, joined two classes—grades 4 and 6—in Cairo, Egypt via Skype Author Visits; and author/illustrators such as Bruce Hale, who has authored and/or illustrated over 20 books and who presents to ages K-6 "From Reluctant Reader to Author," a presentation on the importance of following your dreams and what it takes to succeed in school and in life, alike are joining together to bring the world of publishing to our youth.
Dick Lourie, blues saxophone player and poet (Anima, Ghost Radio), has been to the Crossroads.