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also lou·vre  (lo͞o′vər)
a. A framed opening, as in a wall, door, or window, fitted with fixed or movable horizontal slats for admitting air or light and often for shedding rain.
b. One of the slats used in such an opening.
c. One of the narrow openings formed by such slats.
2. A slatted, ventilating opening, as on the hood of a motor vehicle.
3. A lantern-shaped cupola on the roof of a medieval building for admitting air and providing for the escape of smoke.

[Middle English lover, skylight, chimney, from Old French, from Middle Dutch love, gallery, from Middle High German lauble.]

lou′vered adj.


or lou•vre

(ˈlu vər)

1. any of a series of narrow openings framed at their longer edges with slanting, overlapping fins or slats, adjustable for admitting light and air while shutting out rain.
2. a fin or slat framing such an opening.
3. a ventilating turret or lantern, as on the roof of a medieval building.
4. any of a system of slits, as in the hood of an automobile, for ventilation.
[1325–75; Middle English lover skylight < Middle French lov(i)er, of obscure orig.]
lou′vered, adj.
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Noun1.louver - one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rainlouver - one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain
jalousie - a shutter made of angled slats
slat, spline - a thin strip (wood or metal)
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American Home Products, LLC (AHP) is the holding company for The Louver Shop and Danmer Custom Window Coverings.
The Louver House is an architecturally unique building and offers buyers spacious layouts and a truly one-of-kind living experience.
The problem can be fixed with the application of an adhesive to the louver, an air grille panel on the car, and owners of affected cars can have them fixed at local dealers, GM said.
In addition, it is physically impossible for a child to fit into the space between each louver of the shutter.
Check again, and discover the louvers have already closed.
announced that its Magna Exteriors and Interiors (MEI) operating unit has commenced production of its Active Grille Shutter (AGS), a louver system that blocks various front-end airflow openings, reducing drag while maintaining optimal engine temperatures.
With no louver or conventional reflectors for optical control, the Meso X1 has superior optical distribution, offering balanced brightness from a single T5 high-output lamp at all viewing angles.
On the way we visited the old stave church at Borgund; it was the most fantastic sight you could imagine, like the whim of some brilliant child, a cockchafer's shell carved by a simple giant with his sheath-knife, with simple crosses and arrogant dragonheads, all twists and twirls, louver on louver.
With the purchase, TLT-Babcock complements its existing diverter, louver, and guillotine damper product lines offered over the years to the utility and industrial market.
In addition to rectangular shutter panels with four different louver sizes (movable or fixed), O'Hair Shutters produces sunburst shutters (with radial louvers) for quarter-, half- and full-circle windows, as well as perimeter mouldings for use in the aforementioned framing.
Limited Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Wc And Bathroom Doors With Pvc Doors, Frames With Rcc Precast Frames And Louver Windows With Precast R.