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also lou·vre  (lo͞o′vər)
a. A framed opening, as in a wall, door, or window, fitted with fixed or movable horizontal slats for admitting air or light and often for shedding rain.
b. One of the slats used in such an opening.
c. One of the narrow openings formed by such slats.
2. A slatted, ventilating opening, as on the hood of a motor vehicle.
3. A lantern-shaped cupola on the roof of a medieval building for admitting air and providing for the escape of smoke.

[Middle English lover, skylight, chimney, from Old French, from Middle Dutch love, gallery, from Middle High German lauble.]

lou′vered adj.
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Adj.1.louvered - supplied with louvers for ventilation; "a louvered door"
ventilated - exposed to air; "a well ventilated room"
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It uses a lighter battery, lighter engine mounts, lightweight centre console, lighter ducts for the HVAC system, 'optimised' use of sound insulation and a louvered tailgate panel.
Luminaires and LED drivers available for use with ByteLight technology include: Traditional recessed grid volumetric architectural luminaire which offer classic aesthetics, High-efficiency recessed grid open louvered solution which optimizes light distribution for merchandise and interior environments.
It also features a convection system that harnesses louvered side panels to assure enhanced uniform heat distribution throughout the large oven space.
Under the SVR's louvered bonnet lies the same supercharged 5.
All rooms will feature patios or balconies with louvered sliding doors to encourage guests to enjoy the Scottsdale indoor/outdoor living experience.
One of architect Tim Seiberts earliest projects when he designed it in 1956, the cabanas ingeniously open up to deep covered walkways and the elements beyond via a pair of floor-to-ceiling louvered doors.
Avoid louvered jacks, as I have seen too many with a missing flap, which is a way for vermin or birds to enter the duct.
There is a louvered hatch in the rear, with the five louvers opening automatically for powertrain cooling.
Daylight filters through 13-ft high timber louvered windows.
The two that were studied here were use of louvered doors as opposed to solid doors, and the addition of both natural and forced ventilation.
Fit-out variations can include a sheltered BBQ deck area for entertaining and relaxing, a windbreak, sliding doors, louvered windows, stylish and easy clean furniture, and more.
The SR42UBEIS has a louvered front and rear doors with sealing gaskets that allow ample airflow and keep out dripping and splashing water.