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(Textiles) a yellowish-green or bluish-green mixture, esp in tweeds or woollens
[named after Lovat, Inverness-shire]


(ˈlʌv ət)

a grayish blend of colors, esp. of green, used in textiles.
[1905–10; probably after Thomas Alexander Fraser, Lord Lovat (1802–75), who popularized tweeds in muted colors as hunters' dress]
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I was 17 and was persuaded by my mother, who was paying for it, to have it tailored from a length of lovat green check material.
First, he popped into a dressing room to try on a Lovat green day kilt jacket and waistcoat with matching tweed plus fours, vintage argyle socks with red kilt flashes and retro brown leather shoes.
The current uniform at the 136-year-old school is 20 years old, consisting of 'bulky' lovat green jackets and grey trousers for boys and maroon jackets and grey skirts for girls, with a chocolate brown and sky blue tie.