love handle

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: handle - excess fat around the waistlinelove handle - excess fat around the waistline  
adipose tissue, fatty tissue, fat - a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs; "fatty tissue protected them from the severe cold"
torso, trunk, body - the body excluding the head and neck and limbs; "they moved their arms and legs and bodies"
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Eventually, a nurse is free to give me two injections - one needle goes in my belly and another needle, the size of my little finger, into my love handle.
Fat in the love handle area, waist and thighs is the most challenging to get rid of," explains Dr.
A single treatment is usually enough for each love handle.
White is now offering SculpSure(TM), a proprietary light based device for the reduction of stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen or love handles.
Well check out these shape-shifting pants which promise to trim beer bellies and banish love handles.
Vanquish also targets the stomach, love handles and other problem areas that diet and exercise don't fix.
Clearly this is just the start of losing the weight, and I've got to fathom that out for myself, but I'd definitely like to try it again for my thighs and love handles, if I can afford it.
American makers Hammacher Schlemmer claim that the green coffee and brown algae infused fabric will whittle down love handles.
I had to gain weight for the film and I show off my love handles.
We don't want to see what contributes to those love handles.
She's already set up a few consultations and is looking into non-invasive lipo on her tummy and love handles.