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As the unrequited love lyric unfolds over the cool groove, the similarity deepens.
To the Virgilian progression from pastoral to epic, Spenser adds the Petrarchan love lyric and Augustinian hymn, supplementing the secular, political telos of Virgil's writing with a salvific telos capable of incorporating Christian marriage and the attainment of spiritual glory.
69] The difference between lament and love lyric was the quality of expression available in the female voice, expression that was intrinsically communal and led outward from the self.
And what of the Neo-Latin love lyric, so obviously indebted to Ovid?
Meleken an der Elbe bei Brokdorf" is a disarmingly simple, playful, but deeply sincere love lyric.
Her diction raises an important question: without some division or distance, can love itself, let alone the love lyric, exist?
While the passionately composed love lyric was an important feature of wooing in olden times, today's men are more inclined to use their mobiles to dash off a text (21 per cent) or an emailed message (11 per cent) to their loved one, according to the Lindt Lindor Code of Modern Chivalry report.
More specifically, Pietroiusti proposes that Loy's fragmentation of the love lyric in Songs to Joannes (1917) constitutes a self-conscious attempt to develop a poetry that confounds traditional, 'linear' strategies of reading.
John Scattergood's scholarly and original essay on the difficult and disparate subject of the love lyric before Chaucer, giving numerous fresh insights into what are, in his words, often 'astonishing and strange texts' (p.
The pattern was soon adopted by devotional poetry, as evidenced by a religious love lyric beginning with exactly the same line as the summarised pastourelle (MS.
Stewart's wide-ranging book on medieval optics and love lyric reflects growing scholarly interest in the fascinating interaction between scientific and poetic texts.
lt;/pre> <p>That wishing is from a poem that begins "I love speech, and most of all / the shape it makes in your mouth," which might be a love lyric or, as it's turned around in the lines that follow, an I-love-words'-ways-with-you lyric: "Or: I love speech, and in particular / the way that your mouth shapes it.