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low-birth-weight infant

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Noun1.low-birth-weight infant - an infant born weighing less than 5.5 pounds (2500 grams) regardless of gestational age; "a low-birth-weight infant is at risk for developing lack of oxygen during labor"
neonate, newborn, newborn baby, newborn infant - a baby from birth to four weeks

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We will then review the literature and evaluate what is best for both mother and baby when delivery of an extremely low-birth-weight infant is inevitable.
Immigrant women's risk of having a low-birth-weight infant is more closely related to their country of origin than to the characteristics of their new neighborhood, according to a study of recent immigrants to Canada.
Blood pressure has not been screened routinely in children with very low birth weights because the measurements were viewed as not feasible or unreliable in infants and toddlers; however, evidence has shown that low-birth-weight infants might develop hypertension later in life.

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