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I suppose the "Fremersberg" is a very low-grade music; I know, indeed, that it MUST be low-grade music, because it delighted me, warmed me, moved me, stirred me, uplifted me, enraptured me, that I was full of cry all the time, and mad with enthusiasm.
Possibly the severest struggle was waged on Ophir, the veriest of moose-pastures, whose low-grade dirt was valuable only because of its vastness.
Her voice was hard, and the expression on her face suggested that in her estimation he was a particularly low-grade worm, one of the submerged tenth of the worm world.
They are a shining reproof to all low-grade German "ruby" enamels, so-called "boort" facings, and the dangerous and unsatisfactory alumina compounds which please dividend-hunting owners and turn skippers crazy.
Lamb added, The opportunity to recover additional low-grade material from within the pit shell is compelling as it adds a substantial amount of contained metal into the total resource.
Role of extent of resection in the long-term outcome of low-grade hemispheric gliomas.
Should radiotherapy for low-grade glioma be given immediately after surgery or at the time of progression?
10,11) Previous studies have looked at the use of high-molecular weight cytokeratins, such as cytokeratin 5/ 6 (CK5/6), in distinguishing ADH or low-grade DCIS from UDH.
Songbird, widely considered the best three-year-old of either sex in the States, won the Santa Anita Oaks at odds of 1-10 ten days ago, but in a statement on Sunday, owner Rick Porter said: "She developed a low-grade fever after the SA Oaks and it'll be another seven-ten days before she's able to return to the track.
447 EIS curves were used with the following diagnoses: 68 high grade lesions (CIN 2/3), 69 low-grade lesions (HPV/CIN1) and 310 normal squamous epithelium.
Speaking at a meeting with a delegation of low-grade employees union, the VC said low grade employees role in an institution's development could not be overlooked, thus he added, their issues would be resolved at the earliest to give impetus to the university's performance.
19 June 2014 - Results from a study, led by Japanese researchers and published in the journal BMC Cancer, have indicated that serum anti-filamin C (FLNC) autoantibody is a potential serum biomarker for early diagnosis of low-grade glioma, the most common primary malignant central nervous system tumour in adults.

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