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(lō′nĕkt′) also low-neck (-nĕk′)
Having a low-cut neckline; décolleté.
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Cut to reveal the wearer's neck, chest, and back:
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In the picture, Lawrence's male counterparts are attired to bear the London weather while the lady looked stunning in a low-neck, black Versace dress.
A coordinator at a women section in another clothing brand at the same mall echoed a similar view, saying that women have started collecting cardigans with their sleeveless or low-neck dresses.
Girls should opt for chiffon blouses and fitted skirts, guys can go for low-neck tees with jackets.
Away from her bold image, Mallika was dressed quite simply in a self-printed, sleeve less, low-neck dress, coupled with traditional Indian jewellery.
A topically applied cream containing 5% vitamin C and its excipient were tested on healthy female volunteers presenting with photoaged skin on their low-neck and arms in view to evaluate efficacy and safety of such treatment.
Although she's not wearing high-heel shoes and low-neck sweater, this unnamed heroine, who's "Running through the nighttime/And looking like a wreck/Got too many highlights and a love bite on her neck," captures our heart and imagination.
Or, use this taping technique to create a gravity-defying bust if your low-neck top demands you go bra-less.
When I first went into the Scottish Parliament I caused a stir by wearing a low-neck top and tight jeans.
DENVER -- Hypothyroidism occurs in up to half of patients within 5 years after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer in which the gland remains outside the primary field of radiation but is included in the low-neck field, said Anna A.

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