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1. Having, working under, or exerting little pressure.
2. Relaxed in attitude, nature, or style; easygoing: a low-pressure lifestyle; a low-pressure personality.


1. (General Physics) having, using, or involving a pressure below normal: a low-pressure gas.
2. relaxed or calm


1. having, involving, or operating under a low or below normal pressure.
2. relaxed; easygoing.
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Adj.1.low-pressure - not forceful; "a low-pressure salesman"; "a low-pressure campaign"
nonaggressive, unaggressive - not aggressive; not given to fighting or assertiveness


[ˈləʊˈpreʃəʳ] ADJde baja presión
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The wood-encased bulk of the low-pressure cylinder, frowning portly from above, emitted a faint wheeze at every thrust, and except for that low hiss the engines worked their steel limbs headlong or slow with a silent, determined smoothness.
5; for nasal and oral intubation, with a low-pressure cuff, endotracheal tube for nasal and oral intubation, with low pressure cuff size, mm 3,0; for nasal and oral intubation, with a low-pressure cuff, endotracheal tube curved, northern, nasal, with low pressure cuff size, mm 8,0; type murphy, the device for oxygen and aerosol therapy is fluometric, for performing flow spirometry.
In engine technology, sand cores can be used in low-pressure diecasting to implement what is known as a closed-deck design for an engine block--this means the openings on the cylinder head surface of the engine block, previously needed in high-pressure diecasting for demolding the cooling jacket contours, are not needed.
This low-pressure tactics would inflict a loss of Rs 1 billion daily to this region.
They also work with any low-pressure, low-flow-rate vent streams, and high-pressure stream applications.
Both low-pressure transmitters are constructed with 316L SS wetted materials for compatibility with various liquids and gases.
If you are using the low-pressure output of the standard high-pressure nitrogen-servicing cart, NSN 1740-01-327-6831.
Large-bed, low-pressure presses for RTM and prepregging have electric ball-screw drive and cart-mounted lower platens.
Available membranes pass hydrogen into low-pressure chambers, leaving behind the contaminants.
The system uses amalgam* low pressure UV lamps, also known as high-output low-pressure lamps.
In addition, amalgam low-pressure UV lamps--the most common type--are usually powered by electronic ballasts.
A lingering low-pressure system means less push on the ground-hugging air.

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