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A low tablelike chest of drawers.


(Furniture) US and Canadian a table fitted with drawers



a low chest of drawers on legs.
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Noun1.lowboy - a low chest or table with drawers and supported on four legs
chest of drawers, dresser, bureau, chest - furniture with drawers for keeping clothes
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The Rainy Day Blues Society is hosting a benefit concert at Mac's Nightclub & Restaurant to assist in funding the travel expenses for the qualifiers: Jerry Zybach & John Bryson (solo/duo act) and Cherry and the Lowboys (band act).
Welsh furniture is also well represented with not one, but three 18th-century Welsh oak dressers, oak linen presses and an assortment of coffers and lowboys.
manufactures off-road lowboys specifically designed for open-pit mining.
Contracted civilian lowboys and flatbed trucks transported the equipment to KDP.
The list is made up of 18wheelers, mowers, tractors, lowboys and road graders.
The sale will include a fine Georgian mahogany dining table with four pillars and a magnificent Charles II dresser, numerous lowboys (small tables) from the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries with estimates from PS200 to PS1,200.
Dining chairs, occasional tables, carcase furniture and writing bureaux all suffered, but good bureau bookcases and lowboys in immaculate condition held up.
Rockford owns a sizable fleet of pipeline equipment including side-booms, lowboys, service trucks, skids and mats to perform large and small diameter pipeline work in all types of terrain.
Typical duty for the trucks target low trailer height applications such as flatbeds, lowboys, heavy haul and containers or other dense load applications, such as grains or liquids.
For example, a public works department may have a total of 100 trucks--60 dump trucks, five service vehicles, five fuel trucks, 10 lowboys, and 20 supervisor and field personnel vehicles.
If it weren't for Papa, most bartenders might not stock fresh mint in their lowboys.