lower bound

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low·er bound

A number less than or equal to any number in a set.
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Noun1.lower bound - (mathematics) a number equal to or less than any other number in a given set
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
bound, boundary, edge - a line determining the limits of an area
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In contrast, the CollieKruse and lower bound F estimates showed a highly significant curvilinearity, but no linear trend (Fig.
The first are the conditions associated with [beta] being equal to the upper or the lower bound.
2) Develop and test programming applicable to most PC software systems that will embed the survey instrument, check for response validity, create a database of responses, and perform most of the calculations that will estimate a lower bound for a library's annual benefits.
An examination of the lower bound of investigation reveals a similar finding.
The second type of boundary violation, violation of the lower bound derived under the scenario of costless short selling is:
c] itself should be calculated as a spatially averaged quantity with upper and lower bounds [10, 11].
the lower bound on ideal GMRES based on polynomial numerical hull.
Table 4 summarizes the results for the instances for which lower bound and optimal solutions are different.
The 2009 field directive allows the use of the point estimate, $1 million in this example, when the precision is ten percent or better (smaller), rather than the lower bound of $900,000.
First we will show, that for this load case we can find the exact plastic load carrying capacity and then we will extend the lower bound method to be a general design method.
Path Length 16x16 64x64 256x256 1024x1024 2 62415 15,620 3096 977 4 410610 10413 2604 651 6 35666 8920 2232 558 7 34436 -- -- -- 8 -- 8331 2083 521 10 -- 8063 2016 504 11 -- 8000 -- -- 12 -- -- 1981 496 14 -- -- 1968 492 15 -- 1965 -- 16 -- -- -- 490 18 -- -- -- 489 19 -- -- -- 489 Table 2: Lower Bound and Upper Bound MTTF Vs Size for FT network.