lower house

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lower house

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) one of the two houses of a bicameral legislature: usually the larger and more representative house. Also called: lower chamber Compare upper house

low′er house′

(ˈloʊ ər)
one of two branches of a legislature, generally larger and more representative than the upper branch.
dolní sněmovna
chambre basse
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There were assembled, in that lower house of the domestic parliament, the women-servants, Mr.
He was accustomed to talk largely about numbers of men--stimulated, as it was inferred, by certain successful disturbances, arising out of the same subject, which had occurred in Scotland in the previous year; was looked upon as a cracked-brained member of the lower house, who attacked all parties and sided with none, and was very little regarded.
Lord Decimus being an overpowering peer, a bashful young member of the Lower House who was the last fish but one caught by the Barnacles, and who had been invited on this occasion to commemorate his capture, shut his eyes when his Lordship came in.
I think the Lower House by far the greatest blow to a happy married life that there has been since that terrible thing called the Higher Education of Women was invented.
In the lower House were certain bedaubed walls, in the basest style of imitation, which made him feel faintly sick, not to speak of a lobby adorned with artless prints and photographs of eminent defunct Congressmen that was all too serious for a joke and too comic for a Valhalla.
18 (Petra)--Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said that the government is keen to fully cooperate with the Lower House of Parliament and ensure that no authority will encroach upon other authorities' powers.
The Lower House, which reconvened on April 20 will end on May 8, while the Upper House, which was prorogued, started a fresh session from April 23 and
TOKYO, Dec 14 (KUNA) -- Voting for Japan's 47th Lower House election began Sunday at 49,000 polling stations across the country, with asking voters to pass judgment on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies and efforts of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) after two years in power.
4 billion in errata it submitted on the Aquino administration s proposed 2015 budget, the Lower House approved only P4.
Speaker of the lower house of the Tajik parliament Shukurjon Zuhurov left for Moscow to participate in a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO PA), the lower house's press service reported.
by Abasin Zaheer on 30 June, 2014 - 13:16 KABUL (Pajhwok): The Wolesi Jirga or lower house of parliament approved with some amendments the draft law on access to information on Monday, meeting a key demand of journalists.
The bill, which will reduce the number of lower house seats to ease the disparity in the weight of votes, was approved in the powerful House of Representatives by a more than two-thirds majority after the opposition-controlled House of Councillors was deemed under a constitutional provision to have rejected the bill.

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