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Lowlifes are lowlifes, period; there should be no ranking or order of importance.
The person that done this, they're scum, they're dirty lowlifes and I hope all of us get justice for David.
NEW YORK -- While the provocative musical "The Threepenny Opera'' celebrates lowlifes, the upcoming production by the Atlantic Theater Company will star some acting royalty -- Tony Award nominee Laura Osnes, Academy Award winner F.
Everybody should be on guard against these lowlifes who prey on people going about their daily business.
Roula you jerk and worshipper of money I wish you would die and it is obvious you are being paid to write such crap by lowlifes and for services you are giving those lowlifes," she wrote, adding: "I write this last statement before I log off to go shopping but of course using my own hard earned money and not money given by jerks that are involved in scandals.
However, in the real world there are gangs of light-fingered lowlifes who rely on cunning, the power of misdirection and teamwork to relieve hard-working folks of their cash.
Henshall embarks on a bloody series of killings, selecting a bunch of local lowlifes as his victims.
REGARDING this mayhem being caused by these lowlifes and scavengers, David Cameron says police will deal with them robustly, but that's not much good if the courts don't come down on them like a ton of bricks.
If there is any consolation, it would be that the political 'lowlife' type is present in every country, especially the United States, where political lowlifes are also known by their other name: Likudniks (but not Jews, because the majority of American Jews are moderate liberals).
When some lowlife creeps at school try to get him to blackmail an obnoxious star soccer player on the school team, while the cops want him to be a snitch for them and report on the lowlifes' activities, PJ is in one dangerous situation after another, and he must figure out the right thing to do.
We need more people like these and we will soon rid our estates of the lowlifes who are hell-bent on destroying them.