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He was not flattered by it; he even felt a slight shame at his lowliness that permitted it.
For pride, she said with great severity, was one of the seven deadly sins, and humility and lowliness of heart were virtues.
It may gratify the pride of aristocracy to reflect that disease, more than any other circumstance of human life, pays due observance to the distinctions which rank and wealth, and poverty and lowliness, have established among mankind.
But in spite of his meekness and lowliness, I fancied I caught the first note of a nascent bitterness in him when he said:
Then Dinah told how the good news had been brought, and how the mind of God towards the poor had been made manifest in the life of Jesus, dwelling on its lowliness and its acts of mercy.
So spake our Sire, and by his count'nance seemd Entring on studious thoughts abstruse, which EVE Perceaving where she sat retir'd in sight, With lowliness Majestic from her seat, And Grace that won who saw to wish her stay, Rose, and went forth among her Fruits and Flours, To visit how they prosper'd, bud and bloom, Her Nurserie; they at her coming sprung And toucht by her fair tendance gladlier grew.
The English translation of those lines is 'We are treading the same path and lowliness and there is a pal of gloom over the valleys and habitats.
His mercy is a cloak that covers one to protect, to save and to lift one's soul from the depths and lowliness of sin, whether in thought or deed.
Leadership bespeaks exaltation while humility signifies lowliness of heart.
Being a true human, in the ways of Jesus, means that we should not play God, but instead accept our lowliness,' he said.
Prepare yourself for the birth of your child but without obsessing, and join in Mary's song of joy: 'My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit exults in God my Savior, for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant.
Prayer and begging toward god and mankind (leader or the powerful) respectively, both involve human dignity and lowliness, and also reveals the people's powerlessness when the people have nowhere to turn for help.