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Of or relating to play or playfulness: "Fiction ... now makes [language] the center of its reflexive concern, and explodes in ludic, parodic, ironic forms" (Ihab Hassan).

[French ludique, from Latin lūdus, play; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) literary playful
[C20: from French ludique, from Latin lūdus game]


(ˈlu dɪk)

playful in an aimless way: the ludic behavior of kittens.
[1935–40; < Latin lūd(ere) to play + -ic (or < French ludique)]


[ˈluːdɪk] ADJlúdico


adj (liter)spielerisch
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One of the principal strategies of ludic pomo is to focus on the voluntaristic agency of the individual and thus to emphasize the importance of the discursive "resistance" of the reading subject to mitigate the effects of the domination of existing power relations.
Odile Ludic worked at a packaging company in Henlow, Beds, lived in Cambridge and was probably aged between 23 and 25.
A study by the Ludic Group with the London School of Economics and Political Science, commissioned by employment law experts Croner, says ageist stereotypes are rife in the workplace.
This ludic Siedlung for functionalist sun-and-sand worshippers was never realized; it nevertheless exudes that spirit of social experimentation and constructional play particular to Schindler.
When the Bakers write that "the sorority of quiltmakers, fragment weavers, holy patchers, possesses a sacred wisdom that it hands down from generation to generation of those who refuse the center for the ludic and unconfined spaces of the margins" (156), the ludic and unconfined space along the margins becomes carefully controlled to the limited extent that quilting ta kes place on holy ground; there is little space for the ludic at the heart of such a sorority when it comes down to the hand that hands something down and the hand that receives.
So was reading, which was done mostly for edification, and rarely with the ludic, emotional involvement that was soon to emerge.
But Rowland is certainly happiest with satirists who have a self-consciously ludic way with analogies, and the best chapter in the book, for its range and sharpness, is on the preliminary matter of Swift's Tale of a Tub.
Originally a utilitarian mode of winter-time travel, skiing became popular as a ludic pastime in part because it required neither hills nor lakes as did the traditional winter recreations, ice skating and tobogganing.
Zavarzadeh is right to identify the critical temper (or perhaps ideology) of the academy, including the editorial regime of College Literature, as ludic poststructuralism.
com) announces the expansion of its Silicon Valley presence with the opening of a new Groupon Palo Alto office and the acquisition of San Mateo-based Ludic Labs.
I think they have a universal desire to uncover stories and experiences to create art - in my case, I was just rubbish at drawing and painting," joked Ludic Room's Creative Director Dom Breadmore.