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So absurd or incongruous as to be laughable. See Synonyms at foolish.

[From Latin lūdicrus, sportive, from lūdus, game; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]

lu′di·crous·ly adv.
lu′di·crous·ness n.
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إثارة للضِّحْك
komplet latterlighed


nGroteskheit f; (of sight, words, low prices, slow speed)Lächerlichkeit f; (of high prices, high speed)Absurdität f


(ˈluːdikrəs) adjective
completely ridiculous.
ˈludicrously adverb
ˈludicrousness noun
References in classic literature ?
I could not resist the ludicrousness of the spectacle, and holding my sides I rocked back and forth in the first laughter which had passed my lips in many days; the first, in fact, since the morning Powell had left camp when his horse, long unused, had precipitately and unexpectedly bucked him off headforemost into a pot of frijoles.
Tess's sense of a certain ludicrousness in her errand was now so strong that, notwithstanding her awe of him, and her general discomfort at being here, her rosy lips curved towards a smile, much to the attraction of the swarthy Alexander.
This matter was soon set right, and as his muscles relaxed and he drew a long breath he felt keenly enough the ludicrousness of the incident.
CONSISTENT only in its ludicrousness, this Exorcist rip-off is so godawful you'll need a saint's patience not to giggle.
Even at the pre-trial hearing the ludicrousness of the situation was not lost on the presiding judge who declared the subject of the dispute could well become "the most expensive hedge in Warwickshire".
To anyone capable of grasping basic logic, acknowledging the ludicrousness of the cutoff would seem cut and dried.
But I can't help but imagine the sheer ludicrousness of applying many of these developments in Lebanon.
Out of the mouth of their party leader they condemn themselves to obscurity by the utter ludicrousness of their policies.
Then D'Souza quickly demonstrates the ludicrousness of that notion by highlighting the people who have intentionally tried to deceive voters into weakening the country by supporting bad policies that hurt our culture and political makeup.
It is not my intention to address their varied and sometimes entertaining suggestions in order of ludicrousness but it's impossible not to start with idea of creating a tournament with South African franchises/ clubs.
Each one of them was on a mobile phone and the ludicrousness of it would have made for a great photograph.
He could see political machinations but couldn't see the ludicrousness of annexing a personal crime to a political context.