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So absurd or incongruous as to be laughable. See Synonyms at foolish.

[From Latin lūdicrus, sportive, from lūdus, game; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]

lu′di·crous·ly adv.
lu′di·crous·ness n.
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إثارة للضِّحْك
komplet latterlighed


nGroteskheit f; (of sight, words, low prices, slow speed)Lächerlichkeit f; (of high prices, high speed)Absurdität f


(ˈluːdikrəs) adjective
completely ridiculous.
ˈludicrously adverb
ˈludicrousness noun
References in classic literature ?
I could not resist the ludicrousness of the spectacle, and holding my sides I rocked back and forth in the first laughter which had passed my lips in many days; the first, in fact, since the morning Powell had left camp when his horse, long unused, had precipitately and unexpectedly bucked him off headforemost into a pot of frijoles.
Tess's sense of a certain ludicrousness in her errand was now so strong that, notwithstanding her awe of him, and her general discomfort at being here, her rosy lips curved towards a smile, much to the attraction of the swarthy Alexander.
This matter was soon set right, and as his muscles relaxed and he drew a long breath he felt keenly enough the ludicrousness of the incident.
The ludicrousness of the concept pushes past "Star Trek's" usual respect for plausible science, and the middle episodes drift briefly into the procedural-adventure style of the older shows, in which planets are visited, encounters are made, and time is desperately running out to mend some momentary, life-threatening crisis.
He can be still periodically be found saving the president or the planet from befalling calamity of varying degrees of ludicrousness in big, brainless actioners like "Olympus Has Fallen" and its sequels.
Continuing with further ludicrousness, O'Donnell declared, "You won't hear .
I would urge AMJ to read Bjorn Lomborg's recent peer-reviewed report, which points out the ludicrousness of the Paris Accord.
It just goes to show the ludicrousness of conceptual art and how anything can become art," Jack said.
That mismatch, noisily marketed by the tireless Bob Arum, set a record in ring ludicrousness, with Algieri falling at least six times in 12 tasteless rounds.
It also highlights the ludicrousness of the claim that there was no paedophile ring in North Wales.
I do hope the verdict gives pause for thought for those who claim victims would talk in public about the most terrible abuse and damage you could suffer to claim a few thousand pounds "It also highlights the ludicrousness of the claim that there was no paedophile ring in North Wales.