lumbar pain

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Noun1.lumbar pain - backache affecting the lumbar region or lower back; can be caused by muscle strain or arthritis or vascular insufficiency or a ruptured intervertebral disc
backache - an ache localized in the back
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He reviews the basic principles of biomechanics and spinal movement, lumbar back muscles, the nerves and blood supply of the lumbar spine and its embryology and development, age-changes, possible mechanisms of lumbar pain, and pathological anatomy.
EBP seems to be safe, since the most commonly encountered complication is only lumbar pain which is temporary.
Working together with surgeons from two continents, our engineers have developed a revolutionary technology that, in my opinion, will transform the way the world treats lumbar pain via fusion.
1999) reported in cyclists with lumbar pain that an increase in the seat inclination between 10[degrees] and 15[degrees] was related to greater anterior pelvic tilt and trunk flexion and to a significant decrease in lumbar pain.
Cambridge's Dr Asier Gomez-Olivencia said lumbar pain is often blamed on our sedentary lifestyles but ancient hunter-gatherers were also struck down.
I want to call Dignitas every time I get lumbar pain.
He divided participants into three groups: 72 received standard chiropractic management for acute low back pain according to Mercy Guidelines for Lumbar Pain Management; 74 were exposed to the Lumen Therapeutic Light System using the preprogrammed NICO setting for 30 minutes; and 77 had the Lumen Therapeutic Light unit applied but not activated.
On admission, the patient presented with poor condition with severe pain in the lumbar region, she was not able to stand up and did not give permission for physical examination because of severe lumbar pain at day 1.
A specific diagnosis is only possible in a minority of patients with acute lumbar pain
2[degrees]C), nausea, myalgia, lumbar pain, headache, bilateral conjunctivitis (Figure 2B), and severe bilateral arthralgia (shoulders, knees, and particularly ankles, elbows, wrists, and fingers).
The most common causes of concern are foot cramp, lumbar pain, stiff neck, side ache and headache/eye strain.
Most common forms of RDI are foot cramp, lumbar pain, stiff neck, side ache and headache/eyestrain.