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lum·ber 1

1. Timber sawed into boards, planks, or other structural members of standard or specified length.
2. Something useless or cumbersome.
3. Chiefly British Miscellaneous stored articles.
v. lum·bered, lum·ber·ing, lum·bers
a. To cut down (trees) and prepare as marketable timber.
b. To cut down the timber of.
2. Chiefly British To clutter with or as if with unused articles.
To cut and prepare timber for marketing.

[Perhaps from lumber.]

lum′ber adj.
lum′ber·er n.

lum·ber 2

intr.v. lum·bered, lum·ber·ing, lum·bers
1. To walk or move clumsily or heavily. See Synonyms at blunder.
2. To move with a rumbling noise.

[Middle English lomeren, possibly of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish dialectal loma, to move heavily.]

lum′ber·ing·ly adv.
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Crewmen gave it a host of nicknames, among them the 'Flying Duck,' the 'Flying Boxcar' and the 'Constipated Lumberer,' a play on Consolidated Liberator.
His wins were as follows: First day: Stand Plate (9 runners), Rowallan, 100-8; Champagne Stakes (5), Solero, 10-1; Great Yorkshire Handicap (16), Bushey Park, 100-12; Doncaster Welter (13), Lumberer, 100-8.
Bill Harsey is known for his tactical designs, but his many years as a hunter and lumberer in the Pacific Northwest has given him insight into designing knives for a wide variety of duties.