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1. The condition or quality of being luminous.
2. Physics The intensity of light per unit area of its source. Also called photometric brightness.


1. a state or quality of radiating or reflecting light
2. (General Physics) a measure (in candelas per square metre) of the brightness of a point on a surface that is radiating or reflecting light. It is the luminous intensity in a given direction of a small element of surface area divided by the orthogonal projection of this area onto a plane at right angles to the direction. Symbol: L
[C19: from Latin lūmen light]


(ˈlu mə nəns)

1. the state or quality of being luminous.
2. the quality or condition of radiating or reflecting light: the blinding luminance of the sun.
3. the quantitative measure of brightness of a light source or an illuminated surface, equal to luminous flux per unit solid angle emitted per unit projected area of the source or surface.
[1875–80; < Latin lūmin- (see lumen) + -ance]
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Noun1.luminance - the quality of being luminousluminance - the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light; "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"
physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
illuminance, illumination - the luminous flux incident on a unit area
incandescence - light from heat
glow, luminescence - light from nonthermal sources
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Chroma Meters CS-150 and CS-160 are the successors to the CS-100 (launched in 1986) and CS-100A (launched in 2000), and are capable of measuring chromaticity, luminance, and correlated color temperature values to help ensure the stable quality of various light sources in terms of brightness and color.
The luminance needed for elderly drivers to read guide signs at a distance coinciding with the requirements of the 2009 MUTCD (US DOT 2009) was based on the lighting from headlamps of one vehicle (Carlson, Hawkins 2003), ignoring the influence of other vehicle headlamps.
Konica Minolta CS200 is capable of measuring any light source on a wide range of luminance levels starting with only 0.
Even with a color temperature of 5000K or 4000K, the panels offer high color rendering (CRI>90) and high luminance, equivalent to 3000K products suitable for lighting applications.
One study compared an alternative map light, built into the rearview mirror, to both standard interior lighting and no interior lighting in terms of how they affected the threshold luminance of a stationary disk target [Olson 1985].
The reason to use illuminance is the inexpensive, quick and easy way to measure it, versus the relatively expensive and cumbersome way of measuring luminance distributions.
In this study, we suggest a concave MLA (or "planar concave" MLA, hereinafter called "concave" MLA) as an optical pattern in the LGP, which shows a higher luminance than the convex MLA (or "planar convex" MLA, hereinafter "convex" MLA) for the same point light sources.
Luminance combines a custom liveBooks Flash website with custom promotional video(s)* produced and edited by Cinematic Studios.
Global innovation and investment in new technologies is taking place at an ever-growing pace, resulting in hundreds of new companies with breakthrough solutions that can bring bottom-line benefit to organizations throughout the world," said Andrew Shikiar, founder and Principal of Luminance Consulting.
The luminance of PL products is measured in millicandellas per square meter (mcd/m2) after 10 and after 60 minutes following a 5-minute controlled light charging.
He takes as his springboard Calvin Trillin's Remembering Denny, a study of a young man of such luminance and charisma that his 1957 graduation was covered by Time magazine, yet who killed himself without fully realizing his potential.
Livingstone explains that artists rely on the visual distinction between colors, which convey emotion and symbolism, and luminance, which defines shape, texture, and line to impart information.