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Noun1.lunch period - the customary or habitual hour for eating lunchlunch period - the customary or habitual hour for eating lunch; "he observed a regular lunchtime"
mealtime - the hour at which a meal is habitually or customarily eaten
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Once students see the chess set up during their lunch period, they quickly fill in spots to compete with each other or with Harris.
Non-qualified students have to stay in the cafeteria and are not allowed to leave during lunch period, which has caused friction at the school.
According to TJ's mother, Beverly, his efforts are time-consuming, but he uses his lunch period at school to get a lot of his work done.
A showcase event will run in advance of formal sessions and over the lunch period to facilitate networking amongst potential providers.
One of the teachers informed WAFA that an Israeli military force broke into the schools' campuses during the lunch period for no specific reason, spreading fear and panic among students.
15pm for the last three years but was told at first it could only move to another time directly over the group's lunch period.
I made two lists of students who would like to have more vegetables in the cafeteria, then I brought it to the principal asking him to have more vegetables in the lunch period.
I returned to my notes; and shortly thereafter, teachers began entering the lounge for the first scheduled lunch period.
To sit there is a must when visiting [eth]a, especially during the lunch period.
Each lunch period lasted about a half hour in duration before a new lunch period began and a new group of students moved through the school.
As it stands, French schoolchildren currently enjoy a four-day school week, a lengthy lunch period and an extended summer vacation.
During the single 30-minute lunch period, roughly 400 students were expected to sit and eat in a basement-turned-cafeteria that has an ideal capacity of 250 to 300 people.