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1. A meal eaten at midday.
2. The food provided for a midday meal.
intr.v. lunched, lunch·ing, lunch·es
To eat a midday meal.
out to lunch Slang
Not in touch with the real world; crazy.

[Short for luncheon.]

lunch′er n.
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Noun1.lunching - the act of eating lunch
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
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There were quiet ladies and gentlemen, who did not notice her, lunching at the small tables like her own.
They presently emerged into the clump of sumach bushes, looked warily out, found the coast clear, and were soon lunching and smoking in the skiff.
Wemmick was at his desk, lunching - and crunching - on a dry hard biscuit; pieces of which he threw from time to time into his slit of a mouth, as if he were posting them.
He came on with me to Hillingham, and found that, by Lucy's discretion, her mother was lunching out, so that we were alone with her.
ye state-room sailors, who make so much ado about a fourteen-days' passage across the Atlantic; who so pathetically relate the privations and hardships of the sea, where, after a day of breakfasting, lunching, dining off five courses, chatting, playing whist, and drinking champagne-punch, it was your hard lot to be shut up in little cabinets of mahogany and maple, and sleep for ten hours, with nothing to disturb you but 'those good-for-nothing tars, shouting and tramping overhead',--what would ye say to our six months out of sight of land?
Blanche and the Frenchman were lunching with us, and it appeared that the former had been to the Casino that morning, and had seen my exploits there.
In that case the waiter must have placed it there while we were lunching.
First of all I must tell you I was lunching in that restaurant at the seaside.