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 (lŭnch′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
1. A luncheonette.
2. A room in a facility, such as a school, in which lunches may be purchased or those brought from home may be eaten.


(ˈlʌntʃˌruːm; -ˌrʊm)
US and Canadian a room where lunch is served or where students, employees, etc, may eat lunches they bring


(ˈlʌntʃˌrum, -ˌrʊm)

1. a room, as in a school or workplace, where light meals or snacks can be bought or where food brought from home may be eaten.
2. a luncheonette.
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Noun1.lunchroom - a restaurant (in a facility) where lunch can be purchasedlunchroom - a restaurant (in a facility) where lunch can be purchased
eatery, eating house, eating place, restaurant - a building where people go to eat


lunch room [ˈlʌntʃruːm] n (US)cantine f
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In recent years, some schools have embraced the Smarter Lunchrooms movement.
com)-- Epicure Digital, a leader in MyPlate signage solutions for K12 schools presents it's line of creative and effective signage solutions for K12 schools to help opening the coming new school year with a new healthier look of food served in school campuses, to encourage kids to make healthier food choices in school lunchrooms and increase meal participation, part of the '3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Make Healthier Food Choices in School Lunchrooms' move initiated by the 'Smarter Lunchroom Movement' .
Hanks, who studies food psychology in school lunchrooms across the country, agrees.
The grants focus on implementation of Smarter Lunchrooms strategies, a broad toolkit of easy-to-implement, evidence-based practices designed to increase consumption of healthier foods and decrease plate waste.
The Agriculture Department will act as a facilitator for the marketing of the products coming out of this project, which will be sold to school lunchrooms.
Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers.
According to the Smarter Lunchrooms website (smarterlunchrooms.
School common areas may include hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds, and buses or bus lines.
As workers stream to the 24,700 state lunchrooms, the government "is faced with extremely high state spending due to extremely high international market prices, infinite subsidies and freebies," Granma explained.
Cuba plans to close government-run office lunchrooms, put more money in employees' pockets and let them fend for themselves as it cuts budgets and food imports and works to wean people off the dole, official sources told Reuters on Sept.
Boston's 138 schools, not all of which have kitchens or lunchrooms, have 206 vending machines.
The tastier-than-they-sound slugburgers originated here during the Great Depression, when beef was too expensive for most people and local lunchrooms served up burgers featuring a mix of soybean meal, a little beef, and other secret ingredients.