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n. paniculitis, infl. del panículo grasoso.
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The differential diagnoses mainly include anetoderma, mid-dermal elastolysis, focal dermal hypoplasia, lupus panniculitis, and localized scleroderma.
LE-specific cutaneous involvement includes acute cutaneous LE with its localized and generalized forms, subacute cutaneous LE with its annular and papulosquamous forms, and chronic cutaneous LE including discoid LE, lupus panniculitis, and chilblain lupus.
We reassessed the patient as having Klinefelter's syndrome with SLE complicated by lupus panniculitis, although we could not prove it on skin biopsy owing to an inadequate specimen.
One patient of the 100 (1%) had panniculitis compatible with lupus panniculitis, and 1 patient (1%) had fibrosing dermatitis compatible with linear scleroderma.
Clinically, it may be confused with a diagnosis of lupus panniculitis, and a biopsy is essential to confirm the diagnosis.