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A plural of lustrum.
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Sukcesywne dostawy elementw optycznych (soczewki, lustra, plytki i kostki swiatlodzielace, okienka i podklady optyczne, filtry optyczne, plytki falowe, polaryzatory, siatki dyfrakcyjne, krysztaly).
by TaroPharma, Taro's branded dermatology and pediatrics division, includes the brands Ovide (malathion) lotion; the Topicort (desoximetasone) line of products, including Topicort cream, Topicort gel, Topicort ointment and Topicort LP cream; and the Lustra (hydroquinone) line of products, including Lustra, Lustra-AF and Lustra-Ultra.
Lustra is a rock, punk and alternative band from Los Angeles featuring Chris Baird on bass and vocals, Nicholas Cloutman on guitar and vocals, Chris Cunningham on drums and Travis Lee on guitar.