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Of, relating to, or used in a rite of purification.

[Latin lūstrālis, from lūstrum, purification; see luster.]


1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) of or relating to a ceremony of purification
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to a ceremony of purification
3. taking place at intervals of five years; quinquennial
[C16: from Latin lūstrālis adj from lustrum]


(ˈlʌs trəl)

1. of, pertaining to, or employed in the lustrum.
2. occurring every five years; quinquennial.
[1525–35; < Latin]
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Serving to purify of sin:
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Another drug, sertraline hydrochloride, sometimes dispensed under Zoloft or Lustral brands, have seen the number of prescriptions nearly treble in the same period - rising by 182% from 120,779 items in 2007 to 340,877 in 2012.
The Essenes sought rather to prepare for the coming of the Lord's Anointed One by a life of penitence that featured ritual purification by means of lustral baths.
Cultural traditions include cleaning temples, making merit with monks, bathing Buddha statues and images with scented lustral water to show respect, and decorating temple grounds.
For those whose plans for the near future include tying the knot, the resortOs professional wedding organizers will provide for every detail that could possibly be needed for a wedding [ETH] starting from the arrangements of the traditional lustral water ceremony through to the reception, and including a multi-tiered wedding cake, decorative ice sculptures, a flower arch, traditional garlands and corsages for the wedding party, and a guest book.
Joe Magee returns with 13-year-old Lustral Du Seuil and others include 12-year-old Armagh Hunt winner Arc Of Stone and 11-year-olds Takeyourpick and Lough Cully, both multiple points winners.
Its throat is cut and the blood runs on to the knife, whose reflection the animal may already have seen in the lustral water.
63) Era tambem um "sangue lustral, purificador" que lavava a macula do insulto: "E somente com sangue que se lava um tal ultraje" diz Corneille atraves de seu personagem Don Diegue em Le Cid (I, 5).
Indeed, such lustral struggles may be the only way to prevent a republic from forgetting issues that are central to democratic constitutionalism, like the proper nature of and limits to judicial review.
The river is therefore a lustral source, water of purification that sparkles by day and by night (La Lezarde 113).
Experts in Canada have found that taking anti-depressants such as Prozac, Seroxat and Lustral can increase the risk for a range of problems, including premature birth and seizures in newborns.
Always in contention, the Singspiel gelding took up the running two fences from home and ran on strongly to deny subsequent winner Lustral Du Seuil over the minimum trip at Sandown.
Although not deep enough for full immersion, water could have been poured over the worshippers, and the excavator has suggested that this was a lustral chamber in which worshippers would have had a preliminary bath before undergoing incubation.